[Webinar] How to Build Your Sales Dream Team

May 9, 2016

In this competitive climate, sales leaders not only need to hire the right sales reps, but also ramp them as quickly as possible. This can be challenging, since most applicants for sales development jobs have little-to-no sales experience. And according to one of the most prominent sales researchers, it takes an average company nearly two years to start recouping the investment of a new sales hire.

Moderated by RingDNA CMO William Tyree, our expert panel offers prescriptive advice and real-world case studies for identifying, evaluating, training and coaching.


  • Evaluating early career talent SDR and AE candidate criteria
  • Hiring tests for SDRs and AEs
  • Training methodologies Success metrics


  • Ben Sardella – Co-Founder & CRO at Datanyze
  • Howard Brown – Founder & CEO of RingDNA
  • Ralph Barsi – Senior Director, Global Demand Center

These companies have collectively acquired some of the largest customers in the world, including HP Enterprise, Oracle, Lyft, AAA, Intuit, GE, Hubspot, Marketo and others. Watch now to get a sneak peek at these top sales leaders’ hiring and training secrets!

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