It's Not All About Execution — How Effective Planning And Measurement Help Marketers Hit Their Revenue Goals

May 25, 2017 Joe Vignolo

When it comes to marketing technology, B2B marketers focus the large majority of their effort and budget on execution. In reality, execution is only 1/3 of the marketing process—the planning and measuring phases are equally important.

In this webinar, Dave Rigotti, VP of Marketing at Bizible, and Ron Selvey, SVP of Marketing at Datanyze, discuss how to do proactive marketing, rather than reactive marketing, by using measurement and intelligence technologies to create smarter plans and hit revenue goals.

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Joe Vignolo

Joe is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Datanyze, specializing in authentic storytelling that connects and converts. Before joining Datanyze, he was an award-winning broadcast journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also believes Point Break is a shining example of American cinema.

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