Announcing Datanyze Insider: The first free, all-in-one browser extension for sales

January 21, 2015 Chris Newhouse

Today, I am proud to announce that we’re releasing the first ever all-in-one browser extension for sales. To add it to Chrome for free, click here. (Firefox version coming soon!)

With Datanyze Insider, sales reps now have a one-stop shop for finding accurate, up-to-date information on prospects during each step of the lead generation process. Whether you’re scouring the web for new companies to approach, looking for the right contact to reach out to, or searching for email addresses, Insider has the right tool for the job, and each tool can be accessed via one central location.

How can salespeople use the extension?

Finding and qualifying new prospects

As you browse, clicking on the Insider icon will instantly reveal the revenue, employee count and Alexa traffic rank of the company powering the website you’re on.

You can also visit the company’s social profiles and see a full list of technologies the website is using. To keep an eye on the competition, setup Insider to alert you when a website is using your competitor’s technology.

Uncovering email addresses without leaving the page

Want to know your prospect’s email address? Highlight their name on any webpage, right click and select ‘Find email’. We’ll automatically search through over a dozen popular email combinations and run a bounce check to get you the correct contact information.

Getting prospects into Salesforce without manual entry

For any company or contact you come across, Datanyze Insider allows you to export their information to Salesforce in one click. Export contacts from LinkedIn or any company website, and we’ll create a new lead, contact or account for you!

That’s it. Now you’re literally free to start prospecting. Happy hunting!

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Chris Newhouse

Chris is the director of engineering at Datanyze. When he's not building things, you can find him kite surfing in the Pacific.

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