5 Recent Cold Emails That Grabbed Our Attention

April 14, 2015 Sam Laber

According to the Radicati email statistics report, the world’s population sent and received 108.7 billion business emails every day last year. And wouldn’t you know, Radicati predicts that this number will continue to climb over the next 5 years!

With so many emails flying around, we wanted to stop for a minute and take a look at some of the outbound messages that really caught our attention. After digging through our cluttered inboxes, we managed to pull out a few gems, which used tactics that are definitely worth adding to your cold email arsenal.

Email 1: Mutual connections

In our humble opinion, the above email is a tad bit wordy, but injects a really solid “mutual connection” line that grabbed our attention. In this case, the sales rep leveraged the fact that he used to work with a current Datanyze employee and copied this employee on the email to ensure that his offer was considered.

Email 2: Custom trial

This cold email does something a bit unique. Near the end, the sales rep mentions that she has set up a custom trial account for us to demo. Obviously, we were pretty skeptical about the particulars of this trial (it was essentially a social media monitoring tool), but this opening email does set the stage for an active follow up campaign – RE: did you get a chance to check out the trial?

Email 3: Influencers

If you’re trying to sell passes and sponsorships to an event, this email is a great example of personalization and tone. This sales rep uses the names of key influencers in our space to get us to lean in, then throws in a cheeky “How do we make that happen?” line to close the deal. The key here is research — this rep clearly did a bit of LinkedIn prospecting beforehand to identify the influencers that would pique our interest the most. It almost makes us feel like we’re missing out on something — FOMO is tough to ignore :).

Email 4: Flattery

When in doubt, flatter. Saying something nice about someone (especially when it indicates that you’ve done your research) is a great way to elicit a response. In this case, the rep alludes to her success employing a tactic we described in a recent blog post, then weaves in a concise value statement and close to wrap things up.

Email 5: Technology providers

At Datanyze, we collect a lot of great data on the technology providers every business is using, so it’s always funny when a rep uses this same data to book a meeting with us. In the above email, the sales rep notices that we’re currently using a marketing automation provider that his product integrates with. It’s a lot easier to sell a product that fits into your prospect’s current software ecosystem, and this rep does a great job of recognizing this fact and highlighting it in his outreach efforts.

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