How to Outbound Prospect Like a Datanyze Power User

December 20, 2017 Joe Vignolo

Installing the Datanyze Chrome Extension is just the first step to becoming phenomenal at outbound prospecting. But you should learn how to use all the tools available inside and outside of Datanyze to prospect like a pro.

Save time. Close deals faster. And go after the right prospects.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Best practices for using Datanyze to prospect using an account-based, net-new or territory approach
  • How expert Datanyze insiders use the tools every day
  • How to save time and optimize your workflow with Datanyze

About the Author

Joe Vignolo

Joe is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Datanyze, specializing in authentic storytelling that connects and converts. Before joining Datanyze, he was an award-winning broadcast journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also believes Point Break is a shining example of American cinema.

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