Inside the 10,000 Most Popular Websites in the World

July 11, 2016 Sam Laber

This article is part of a broader series found in the Datanyze Research Lab. The goal is to give readers a look into the technology landscape of some of the most interesting websites and apps in the world. Enjoy!

At Datanyze, we scan through over 45 million websites each day, parsing code and searching for what we like to call "technology signatures". When aggregated, these signatures help our customers better understand which of their prospects are using which software tools, thus making cold calls or emails a bit less cold. Here are some example signatures from common technology providers:

For this post, we decided to hone in on the 10,000 most popular websites in the world. By most popular, we mean most trafficked (hint: Google is #1). We used Alexa, a web analytics tool, to determine which websites made the list.

Before digging into individual technology providers, let's look at things from a category perspective. We analyzed 15 different technology categories, each of which is represented in the chart below. Read the data as "81.13% of the world's 10,000 most trafficked websites are using one or more analytics providers".

No real surprises here. It makes sense that websites with a ton of visitors are looking to understand these visitors (analytics), while simultaneously attracting more through advertising and retargeting. What do you think? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Below is our favorite chart. Think of it as a "technology provider power rankings". The x-axis measures how many top 10,000 websites are using each technology, while the y-axis shows each technology provider's market share within their respective software category. For example, WordPress is by far the most popular CMS with over 80% market share, but in general, more websites are using YouTube, Google AdSense and Google Analytics.

Any surprises here? We think so. Here are some interesting trends we noticed.

1. Google AdSense is the preferred Advertising solution for bringing in new visitors, but Facebook is the dominant Retargeting solution for getting them back. Nearly 70% of the top 10,000 websites are using Facebook Retargeting.

2. Google Analytics is far and away the most popular Analytics product, followed by comScore, Adobe Omniture and a slew of competing providers (Chartbeat, Yahoo Analytics, CrazyEgg).

3. Only 22% of websites are using Video Advertising software, but most of these companies are using more than one provider. The main players in this category are BrightRoll, TubeMogul and SpotX.

4. WordPress is the dominant CMS provider with over 80% market share; however, nearly two-thirds of top websites have white labelled or prefer not to use a 3rd party CMS.

5. Only 11.62% of top websites are using Marketing Automation, but the preferred provider is Marketo.

6. LinkedIn, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, has an advertising product that is being used by less than 500 of the 10,000 most popular websites. This is likely because most of the top websites are business to consumer.

7. MailChimp and SendGrid are neck and neck in market share for the Email Delivery category.

8. Optimizely is beating out both Adobe and Google in the A/B Testing category with just under 50% market share.

Here are things broken down a bit more by category. The y-axis is the number of websites using each technology. If you're interested in doing your own website snooping, we've got a free Chrome Extension that reveals the tech stack of any website you visit. Enjoy!

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