3 Quick Wins With Datanyze's Marketo Webhook

February 21, 2017 Jon Hearty

Now that the Datanyze API comes with free monthly API calls for our customers, we thought we would share a few quick ways your marketing team can leverage technographic and firmographic data using our new Marketo Webhook.

Lead Scoring

Marketers have been scoring their leads for ages, however these scoring systems almost always rely solely on behavioral data. Did the user download a white-paper? Did they visit the pricing page, or opt into the newsletter?

While behavior data is important, and should certainly be a major component in scoring leads, it's only a piece of the puzzle. Let's look at an example of an email marketing company scoring leads based on behavioral data compared to a combination of both behavioral data and Datanyze's technographic and firmographic data:

  Behavioral data only Behavioral + technographic/firmographic data
Email: johndoe@companyA.com johndoe@companyA.com
Downloaded white-paper? No No
Visited pricing page? No No
Subscribed to newsletter? No No
Revenue: Unknown $10-50M
Number of employees: Unknown 250-1000
Marketing automation: Unknown Marketo
Email marketing: Unknown MailChimp
Lead score: Low Very high

Clearly, John Doe from CompanyA.com is a great fit, but without technographic and firmographic data, it would be really difficult to know this, and the lead would likely end up in a drip campaign rather than being past to a salesperson right away.

Highly Targeted and Customized Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns have undoubtedly changed things for the better, allowing marketers to customize a prospect's journey down the funnel down based on actions taken or not taken. As time has progressed, these drip campaigns have become more sophisticated. Marketers can now alter a prospect's track not only because they opened or replied to an email, but also other triggers like downloading a white paper. Firmographic data, such as revenue or the location of the company, can also be factored in.

Datanyze customers are always at the forefront of innovation with sales and marketing processes, and we quickly heard from them that our technographic data was powering their drip campaigns with amazing results. In addition to the common triggers, marketers are now sending their prospects down a path that has been customized to effectively address the technologies a prospect's company is using.

Want to clearly communicate how you differentiate from your competitors? Instead of trying to address all competitors with the same messaging, why not send the prospect messaging that addresses how you differ from the specific competitive technology they are using? Want to make sure your prospect knows about a technology you integrate well with? Make sure your messaging tells them about the integration(s) that are relevant to them!

While the logic is clear and easy to understand, this level of sophisticated marketing hasn't been adopted by the vast majority of organizations who continue to try to cast a large net with their messaging.

Lead Routing

Not all leads are ready to be engaged by a salesperson right out of the gate. Some need more love from, for example, a sales development or market response representative before they're ready. When this happens, some organizations like to make sure that each lead is routed to the correct person.

In order to determine which rep should receive each lead, many Datanyze customers have used technographic data to determine things like:

  • Should the lead be routed to an enterprise rep? SMB rep?
  • Should the lead be routed to a person at all or just be enrolled in a technology-specific drip campaign?
  • Should the lead be routed to a rep that specializes in one of our technology integrations?
  • Should the lead be routed to a rep that is best equipped to address a specific competitor?

Regardless of which of these examples speaks to you, it's clear that there are a number of opportunities to leverage Datanyze's technographic data, regardless of where the lead currently sits in the funnel.

Want some more ideas for how to take advantage of Datanyze's Marketo webhook? Send an email to Support and we'll get you set up for success!

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