Will A.I. Replace Traditional Sales Development?

March 1, 2017 Joe Vignolo

Are robots coming for your SDR job?

Traditional sales development is a high-volume role where much of the activity is repeatable. Sounds like a job for automation, right? Maybe.

But will artificial intelligence actually replace human SDRs or simply help with the heavy lifting?

Datanyze VP of Sales, Daniel Barber, teamed up with Conversica VP of Sales, Erroin A. Martin, and author of Predictable Revenue, Aaron Ross, to discuss how A.I. is already changing the space, and whether our future, virtual coworkers will mark the end of flesh-and-blood SDRs.

Topics include:

  • Can the "human touch" be accurately replicated by A.I.
  • How the SDR role is evolving to accommodate increased robotization.
  • What the future of sales looks like as companies replace people with programs.

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Joe Vignolo

Joe is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Datanyze, specializing in authentic storytelling that connects and converts. Before joining Datanyze, he was an award-winning broadcast journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also believes Point Break is a shining example of American cinema.

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