Verified First Increases its Total Addressable Market by 50%

A leader in the human resources industry, Verified First is the premier background and drug screening company. Verified First prides itself on its ability to help companies of all sizes, becoming a key instrument in any organization’s hiring process. 

As Director of Marketing at Verified First, Amanda Hundt’s responsibilities are vast, wearing many hats within the organization. One of her recent initiatives was to find and target contacts who fit Verified First’s ideal customer profile. While Verified First works with companies of all sizes, Hundt has discovered that many of its best customers have at least one thing in common: use of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The presence of a robust ATS solution (such as iCIMS, Greenhouse, or Jobvite, for example) acts as a buying signal that the organization has already invested in HR technology and may be a viable customer for Verified First’s SaaS solution that integrates with ATS software.

Finding the Ideal Data Provider

Wanting to run targeted outbound campaigns to key contacts at companies with an ATS in place, Hundt knew she must first invest in accurate data. Hundt created a wishlist for a prospective future data provider with three key must-haves:

  1. ability to monitor companies with an ATS solution;
  2. accurate contact data (email addresses as well as phone numbers); and
  3. seamless enrichment of leads, contacts and accounts in Salesforce with necessary firmographic and technographic data. 

After evaluating several data providers, Verified First chose Datanyze for its ability to easily identify companies with an ATS in place. Datanyze tracks nearly 200 ATS solutions, over twice as many as the next leading technographic data provider. Having access to such a large dataset allows Verified First to segment and tailor its outbound conversations appropriately. 

Expanding the Total Addressable Market

Within weeks of accessing Datanyze’s dataset, Verified First ran its first outbound sales campaign, targeting accounts that had the capability to integrate with its SaaS solution. The first step in its campaign building process was to take a look at the Datanyze universe through the lens of its ideal customer profile: companies with an ATS solution along with a variety of other firmographic qualifiers (employee size, revenue, location, etc.). With a Targeting report, Datanyze easily identified hundreds of companies Verified First had not previously considered as part of its total addressable market (TAM), growing its account list by over 50%. 

"When we build a campaign from Datanyze data we know we are reaching actual would-be users of our service." 

- Amanda Hundt, Director of Marketing

In addition to identifying a greater TAM, Hundt noticed that her team’s conversations began to be less about qualifying the prospective account and more about how Verified First could add value. “When we build a campaign from Datanyze data we know we are reaching actual would-be users of our service. Our traction from campaigns built around Datanyze data has led to strong conversations with accurate contacts, ensuring we’re using precious sales time on meaningful activities.”

Hundt knew what she wanted from a data provider, but was having a tough time finding a solution that would fit the bill. Using Datanyze, her team was able to easily identify companies who were using complimentary ATS solutions and devote more time reaching out to contacts who could actually use Verified First’s Saas solution

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