Uberflip Improves Lead Scoring And Refines Account-Based Process Using Datanyze

With an influx of inbound leads, Uberflip leans on its marketing automation solution for scoring and prioritization. But Vice President of Marketing, Hana Abaza, found that without sufficient data, including up-to-date firmographic and tech stack information, scoring was inaccurate, surfacing accounts that didn’t fit and sapping her reps’ productivity. Hana’s team spent days researching and qualifying leads. They then had to manually append that data to records in HubSpot, wasting even more time on administrative work.

Hana needed a faster way to gather external data on leads, automatically enrich records in HubSpot and uncover the right prospects for reps to contact.

Scoring and Prioritization

Uberflip utilizes Datanyze's Technology Tracking to identify potential sales opportunities based on a company's existing tech stack. Datanyze crawls more than 45 million websites every day and can not only reveal the tech stack of a prospect, but exactly when they added or dropped a competitive or complementary solution. Armed with that information, Hana says her team "...knows how invested prospects' are in content marketing, what content solutions they're currently using and whether they employ any other technologies that integrate with Uberflip."


Reduction in pre-call qualification time

Using Datanyze's seamless HubSpot integration, Hana's team is able to supplement existing records with tech stack and firmographic data, vastly improving scoring, prioritization and enabling reps to reach out to the right prospects at the right time. Hana says her process is now "...mostly automated using Datanyze. It cut the amount of time researching and enriching leads from days to hours." When Hana's reps make contact with decision makers, they have all the information they need to effectively engage with them, quickly build rapport and accelerate the buying process.

"Datanyze has given us visibility into the data we need to improve lead scoring, refine our ABM strategy and align marketing and sales with the right information."

- Hana Abaza, VP of Marketing

Aligning Sales and Marketing

Furthermore, being able surface and target companies that resemble Uberflip's ideal customer profile allows Hana's team to take an account-based approach. Using Datanyze is a "...huge improvement and enhances sales and marketing alignment," Hana says. "Having access to all the important data points like industry, company info and tech stack allows us to quickly establish fit. We can create targeted campaigns for key accounts, identify the prospects and engage them in a much more effective way with Datanyze."


Datanyze's Technology Tracking provides Uberflip with up-to-date coverage of key buying signals, including tech stack data. Having those data points available in HubSpot enables accurate lead scoring and prioritization, boosting sales reps' productivity and helping them effectively engage with the right prospects. Datanyze also allowed Uberflip to refine its account-based process by providing all the pertinent information needed for improved account selection and targeted campaign creation.

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