Springbot Boosts Effectiveness of Sales Team Using Datanyze

Springbot integrates and makes simple the data, content and multi-channel marketing tools that eCommerce stores need to drive more traffic, site conversions and overall sales. To create its own effective selling model, Springbot needed to partner with a company known for accelerating the sales pipeline while ensuring the ability to easily fill their funnel with the right companies and the right contacts at those companies.

Springbot’s main objectives were to fill their sales funnel with prospects who met the strict criteria of their ideal customer profile (ICP) while increasing sales confidence and effectiveness. Prior to Datanyze, they experimented with purchasing lists and other sales intelligence solutions resulting in data discrepancies within Salesforce & other CRM systems, as well as prospect records that didn’t fit Springbot’s core customer profile.

Furthermore, they learned that the discovery process took too many hours of manual fact-checking and importing information into Salesforce, resulting in countless hours wasted on performing and managing administrative tasks instead of generating revenue.

Austin DeAngelis, Director of Sales and Business Development, needed to find qualified prospects who met Springbot's ideal customer profile (ICP) and displayed definitive buying potential, and he needed to do it quickly in order to scale.


Pipeline Filled With Ideal Customers

Using Datanyze Technology Tracking, Springbot’s sales team was able to quickly identify prospects fitting its ideal customer profile. Datanyze Technology Tracking allows users to build lists of companies based on any number of custom criteria, including firmographic, geographic and technology data. “Datanyze’s Targeting product has helped us increase the effectiveness of our selling process from sourcing to close,” says Austin DeAngelis, Director of Sales and Business Development at Springbot. “It solved the problem of how to easily source prospects so that the team is able to fill their pipeline and meet their goals month after month. And the seamless integration to Salesforce saves us hours of time per sales rep per week.”

"During the first sales demo using Datanyze, the sales team was blown away by how easy it was to prospect and send the contact information to Salesforce. It really changed the pace of our calls...now we weren't so preoccupied with how to ensure contact information was complete for further follow up."

-Austin DeAngelis, Dir. of Sales and Business Development

Springbot utilizes Datanyze's seamless Salesforce data enrichment, drastically cutting down administrative work and allowing reps to spend more time actually selling.  Austin says, “Having a tool like this has allowed us to grow the sales team more quickly as the sales training around sourcing is reduced which in turn allows our reps to get fully ramped more quickly.” He adds, “Not to mention that with more time working deals, the sales team's confidence improved dramatically.“



Datanyze helped Springbot fill its pipeline with the right prospects at the right time. No more time wasted verifying unreliable lead lists. “Once we were able to find the right people to call, we were really able to create an efficient sales process,” says Austin. Using Technology Tracking, the Springbot sales team is now able to better identify companies, and then filter those results to find the best possible prospects against a set of key technology indicators. Furthermore, Datanyze’s Salesforce integration allows Austin and his team to ditch the heavy-lifting administrative work, and instead focus on landing high quality prospects and, ultimately, close more deals.

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