MoEngage Leverages Datanyze to Scale Inside Sales Team

Part of what's needed to be successful in SaaS sales is accurate market research. So when MoEngage VP of Sales, Yashwanth Reddy, realized his team’s prospecting efforts and email response rates were suffering due to a lack of competitive intelligence, he decided to make a change. He experimented with purchasing database lists, but found them to be ineffective and expensive. There wasn’t enough relevant information for his team to utilize when customizing pitches, and the coverage of certain markets was lacking.

Yashwanth also tried popular online directories, but those services didn’t provide enough information on prospects and competitors to be useful when reps were ready to reach out.


Accurate Competitive Intelligence

Datanyze provided the missing piece of the prospecting puzzle for MoEngage. “Most of our market research is now being done in Datanyze,” says Yashwanth. “The amazing user interface and filters let us drill down into minute details of each market or sector.”

“The sales team’s day starts and ends with Datanyze."

- Yashwanth Reddy, VP of Sales

Yashwanth Reddy

MoEngage uses Mobile and Web Targeting to quickly uncover a prospect’s technographic profile. Technographics are real-time insights based on a company's technology choices and buying signals. “This is highly critical for us to understand before we set up an appointment. Knowing the SDKs and other technologies currently being used by prospects helps us customize our pitch, which makes response rates so much higher. This also helps us tailor qualification calls to specific use cases where MoEngage can add value,” says Yashwanth.

Timing is Everything

Not only does Datanyze help MoEngage’s reps have more meaningful conversations by providing relevant data on prospects, but it also tells sales when to connect. Using Alerts, Yashwanth’s team is notified via email and within the Datanyze platform when prospects add or drop a competitive or complementary solution. “The entire team is addicted to Alerts. They’re extremely insightful in terms of the techs added or dropped by prospective customers, and knowing when to contact them,” says Yashwanth. “You know what the customer pain points are and what value additions to focus on.”

The Right Tool for the Job

According to Yashwanth, his reps are more effective and productive when leveraging Datanyze. Using the seamless Salesforce Integration, sales pushes leads directly into their CRM. That cuts down on the amount of time reps spend on administrative work, and frees them up to focus on selling. “The sales team’s day starts and ends with Datanyze,” says Yashwanth. “From the Chrome Extension to the Salesforce Integration to the web platform itself, Datanyze has evolved into a very mature product and a must-have tool for anyone thinking of building an inside sales team at scale.”


With Datanyze, MoEngage is able to quickly uncover the technographic profiles of its prospects. Armed with that information, sales knows which companies are adding or dropping competitive or complementary technologies, precisely when to reach out, and how to customize pitches to highlight the value MoEngage can provide. Furthermore, MoEngage utilizes the Datanyze Salesforce integration and free Chrome extension to cut down on time spent on manually pushing leads to its CRM, and researching prospects.

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