Marketo Achieves Unrivaled Competitive Intelligence With Datanyze

Being inundated with inbound leads is a good problem to have. That’s exactly what Marketo, a premier marketing automation platform and leader in digital marketing solutions, faced. Thousands of leads were being driven in, but Marketo just didn’t have adequate data to quickly and effectively sift through them all to find the ones worth pursuing. Patrick Chen, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, needed a better way to score and route the right leads to sales at the right time. He searched for a layer of intelligence that would enrich inbound leads as they came in, and shorten Marketo’s sales cycle once the qualified leads were handed off to sales. After trying a number of competing technologies, he chose Datanyze.

Data Dilemma

Lead scoring is nearly impossible without sufficient data. Up-to-date firmographic information, including company size revenue and funding is essential to qualify leads with accuracy. But that’s just part of the picture. Knowing what web technologies a lead is using, and when that lead adds or drops specific technologies, are particularly effective buying signals. For example: knowing a lead recently added a competing marketing automation product may indicate that company is shopping around and sales should reach out. Patrick knew that data would allow marketing to quickly score and route leads, but as he searched for a solution he found “...often times we just couldn’t get the data we wanted for a particular prospect.” Those bottom line-damaging information gaps led to missed opportunities and money left on the table.

Leveraging Superb Sales Intelligence

Once Patrick implemented Datanyze, productivity and sales conversion improved dramatically. With Datanyze’s firmographic and technology data appended to leads within Marketo, marketing has everything it needs to automate its scoring process and pass on the most qualified leads to sales. Patrick was thrilled to see inbound leads automatically enriched with relevant and useful information specific to the digital marketing space. He says Datanyze “...has a great amount of coverage that is focused on our industry and target markets.” Furthermore, marketing uses the new layer of sales intelligence to reduce the amount of complicated nurture campaigns in favor of more targeted, personalized messaging resulting in a higher conversion rate.

"Datanyze has been extremely effective in helping us with data-driven lead scoring and segmentation. The real-time alerts give us the competitive edge to know exactly when a company adds or drops a technology."

-Patrick Chen, Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations

The benefits of Datanyze don’t stop with Marketo’s marketing team. Firmographic and technology data is also automatically fed into Marketo’s Salesforce through Datanyze’s seamless CRM integration. Sales is now able to track when a company adds or drops certain web technologies, including a competitor’s product. They use those buying signals to set up automated alerts in Salesforce notifying the team when a prospect is looking for solutions and ready to be contacted. And because Datanyze crawls 40 million websites daily, Patrick can rest assured Marketo has the most up-to-date sales intelligence available.


Through the added layer of sales intelligence, Datanyze improved the effectiveness of Marketo’s marketing and sales teams. Patrick says accurate firmographic and technology data vastly improves leads scoring and segmentation, allowing both sales and marketing to work together more efficiently to convert qualified leads into deals. And since Datanyze is simple to set-up and use, Patrick says “...most of this activity is actually quite hands off after the initial setup, which is exactly what we wanted.”

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