LeanData Takes A Data-Driven Sales Approach

Chosen to lead sales ops at a fast-growing SaaS startup, Jonathon J. Leon Guerrero sought to build an account-based framework that gave his reps the information they needed to find and engage the right accounts. Before Jonathon took the reins, new leads and accounts came from a variety of sources, often with incomplete information. The sales development team outsourced a lot of prospecting to companies like UpWork, while the marketing team pushed in new leads via large list imports. With so many accounts to choose from and no data to recommend one prospect over another, the sales team was unsure as to how to spend their time.

With the main goal of honing sales efforts, Jonathon chose Datanyze to eliminate inaccurate data and select a finite list of target accounts. To determine which accounts would make the cut, Jonathon looked first at their growing customer list. After using Datanyze to append technographic and firmographic data to each customer, he discovered that LeanData’s best customers were extremely sophisticated in marketing automation, employing solutions like Eloqua and Marketo to house leads and manage the funnel. As a company that specializes in lead management, LeanData knew they would have great luck with companies using either software.

Using this insight, Jonathon leveraged Datanyze Targeting to create a list of all companies using either Marketo or Eloqua, and divvied this list out to the sales team by firmographic data points like location, size and industry. By combining technographic and firmographic data points, Jonathon was able to hone in on LeanData’s ideal customer profile, and ensure that each rep got an equal allocation of quality accounts.

Once accounts had been selected, Jonathon wanted to make sure that prospect information was accurate across LeanData’s CRM, so that sales reps could have a single source of truth for data on both companies and contacts. Using Datanyze’s Salesforce Integration, Jonathon was able to append lead, contact and account records with the correct information, and enrich new records as soon as they hit the CRM. No more duplicate fields; no more competing sources.

With a defined list of target accounts and accurate data to prospect into them, LeanData’s sales team made large improvements to their prospecting efforts. Adhering to a data-driven approach, reps were able to hone their efforts on the right accounts, and not waste time on prospects that didn’t match the characteristics of their customers.

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