KnowledgeTree Enlists Datanyze to Bolster Account-Based Selling Strategy

Sam Laber

For its customers, KnowledgeTree is a true driver of marketing and sales alignment. The company’s sales enablement solution uses a “secret sauce” algorithm to proactively recommend to reps which piece of marketing content will work best in any sales situation. Just like sales reps, KnowledgeTree lives and breathes in Salesforce and email, making prospect engagement quick and easy.

Armed with a great product, the KnowledgeTree sales team needed to answer one crucial question: How can we accurately define our target market and efficiently reach each account with the right message at the right time?

Taking An Account-Based Approach

Tasked with answering this complex question, KnowledgeTree’s VP of Marketing, Peter Mollins, made an early decision to deploy an account-based model to both sales and marketing. This meant identifying the several thousand accounts that fit KnowledgeTree’s ideal customer profile and scoring them based on how well they matched the characteristics of existing customers.

“We wanted to make sure our sales team was spending their time on accounts with the most upside. We knew that if we could find new prospects that looked exactly like our current customers, reps would be able to reference specific use cases rooted in real results,” says Peter.

Plan in hand, Peter’s team began dissecting their current customer list, but soon encountered a problem: “When we started looking at commonalities across all our closed/won, we quickly realized that we didn’t have enough data to create the in-depth profile we needed.” Peter’s team was able to gather some firmographic data from disparate sources, but they weren’t confident in the accuracy or latency of this information.

Data Enrichment and Account Discovery

Citing gaps in data as a major concern, Peter enlisted the help of Datanyze’s sales intelligence platform to get the job done. “We started using Datanyze’s firmographic information on company size, revenue, industry and technology stack. With this data, we were able to create an ideal customer profile unique to our business, then apply this profile to score our existing accounts and find new accounts that matched,” says Peter.


Increase in List of Qualified Accounts

Using Datanyze, Peter’s team was able to find hundreds of new, qualified accounts and expand their target account list by 3x. They were also able to identify the top 20% of accounts most likely to convert, making it easy for sales to hone their efforts.

A Farewell to Cold Calls

Once Peter’s team had successfully identified their unique list of targets, it was time to start calling on prospects and setting up demos. To do so successfully, Peter knew that his sales team would have to gain a deep understanding of each account - and fast.

“To beat the noise, we knew we had to be more informed. Datanyze’s Insider browser extension gets our reps up to speed on each account before they call in. Knowing, for example, that a certain account uses Salesforce is a huge advantage, because we have such a deep integration with that solution.”

Datanyze Insider

Armed with technology stack and other firmographic information, Peter’s team was able to warm up a traditional cold call approach and foster more relevant, fluid conversations with prospects.

"We were able to identify the top 20% of accounts most likely to convert, making it easy for sales to hone their efforts."

-Peter Mollins, Vice President of Marketing

Peter Mollins


Using Datanyze, KnowledgeTree was able to expand its list of target accounts by 3x and identify the top 20% of accounts that were most likely to convert. Once the account list was set, reps used Datanyze’s Insider browser extension to get an accurate snapshot of each prospect before calling in. This warmed up the cold calling process and enabled reps to add value to each conversation.

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