HubSpot Slashes Time Spent Qualifying Flood of Inbound Leads

HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing and sales platform that helps businesses get found online, generate inbound leads and convert a higher percentage of those leads into customers. Ranked the #1 inbound marketing software in customer satisfaction by VentureBeat and G2Crowd, HubSpot is inundated with inbound leads. But Senior Marketing Ops Manager Sara Davidson found that sales reps were spending too much time qualifying those prospects, often using disparate data sources. That led to missed opportunities and less time devoted to revenue-generating activities. HubSpot turned to Datanyze to streamline its sales process, track prospects' web technologies and ultimately free up time for their reps to focus on closing deals.


Conversion Increase from Accounts to Opportunities

In Lead Management, Timing is Everything

In sales, it’s all about getting time back. If your inbound team is busy qualifying leads, researching companies and cleaning up data in your CRM, they are spending less time actually filling your funnel.

As a Senior Marketing Ops Manager at HubSpot, Sara wanted to find a better way to qualify inbound leads and get them to the right sales team quickly. The current process had reps manually researching and qualifying prospects, which ate up valuable time.

HubSpot was also missing an opportunity to mine its large inbound database, leaving a potentially revenue-generating resource untapped. According to Sara, “reps were not aware when someone added a specific technology to their website, so they were unable to reach out and restart the conversation at the right time.”

"Datanyze data has helped our sales reps quickly qualify inbound prospects and convert at a higher rate. The email alerts feature notifies our reps the day one of their accounts adds or drops specific technologies, and these accounts are 3x more likely to become opportunities."

-Sara Davidson, Marketing Operations

Sales Solutions

Once HubSpot started using Datanyze, the benefits were immediately apparent. On the lead and account page layouts in their CRM, reps can now see what Datanyze technologies are on each prospect’s domain the moment they get assigned the lead.

Reps are also immediately alerted when one of their leads or accounts adds or drops specific technologies. HubSpot uses Datanyze to track those events and utilizes the data to send email notifications to the appropriate sales reps when a change takes place. Sara says “when a rep receives an alert, the account is three times more likely to become an opportunity.”

HubSpot also uses Datanyze for lead assignment. “For example, if Datanyze detects an e-commerce tech on a website, the lead goes to the e-commerce sales team. This ensures that less leads slip through the cracks since those prospects are more likely to be seen by the appropriate team,” says Sara.

HubSpot excels at marketing automation, but to ensure their campaigns are effective, they need targeted messaging. Datanyze allows HubSpot’s product marketing/customer marketing team to customize their email messaging based on the technologies detected on a domain. “For instance, when a company’s website is not mobile-optimized, they can send an email about our COS product to an audience who needs this solution,” Sara says.


Datanyze has given HubSpot's sales team the tools to customize their conversations with prospects depending on the technologies on their domain. They are also able to better mine their inbound database when technologies are added or dropped. On the operational side, HubSpot's lead assignment accuracy has improved which means less leads slip through the cracks. Lastly, the marketing team is able to utilize this data to send more targeted emails with messaging that speaks to the audience’s needs.

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