The Data Powering Engagio’s Account-Based Everything Approach

According to Engagio’s Director of Marketing, Charlie Liang, good data is the foundation for his company’s “account-based everything” approach. Without it, account selection doesn’t work. You just don’t know enough to choose the right companies to target and engage contacts in any sort of meaningful way.

But Charlie also knew the limitations of relying on traditional demographic and firmographic data to inform account selection and messaging. He needed a more detailed and meaningful data set to use as the cornerstone of Engagio’s account-based strategy.

Account Selection Using Technographics

Datanyze is the leader in technographics, which is a data set that goes beyond demographics and firmographics by providing real-time insights based on a company’s technology choices and buying signals. Using Datanyze, Engagio was able to look at their existing customers and uncover technographic traits they shared, which helped refine Engagio’s ideal customer profile and criteria for evaluating future accounts.

“When Datanyze tells us a prospect looks like our ICP or key accounts, they become a Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) faster because we want to be more proactive with great accounts,” says Charlie.

“Datanyze is the first step you should take as part of an ABM and Demand Gen model. You’re flying blind without data, especially when you’re selling to tech verticals.”

- Charlie Liang, Director of Marketing

Furthermore, Engagio not only uses the tech stack of prospects to decide whether to target them, but when reps do reach out they’re having more meaningful and educated conversations because they know exactly what technologies they are using, day in and day out.

“At Engagio, accounts are everything. We use Datanyze Technographics to inform some key data points, including tech stack, at the account level,” says Charlie. “We’re getting critical information on our 42,000 accounts and that plays a crucial role in formulating our account strategy.”

Finding Prospects Faster And Improving Engagement

Sales reps also use Datanyze Targeting and Chrome extension to prospect for accounts that resemble their ideal customer profile. With Targeting, reps are able to filter Datanyze’s database of more than 40 million websites by dozens of criteria, including company size, revenue, and when specific solutions were added or dropped. This allows them to uncover companies that could be a good fit for Engagio. Reps waste less time targeting accounts who are less likely to convert.

“The start of any great account-based marketing and sales strategy is really great data, and internally we rely on Datanyze for that.”

When Engagio’s reps reach out to key stakeholders, Charlie says they use the Datanyze Chrome extension to quickly reveal the tech stack and key firmographic data points of the prospect’s company so they can build rapport and have more educated conversations, ultimately leading to more closed deals.


Datanyze’s technographics are the foundation of Engagio’s account selection and prospecting processes. The insights provided by Datanyze have helped Engagio shape their target account strategy by helping refine their ideal customer profile, identify criteria to look for when evaluating possible key accounts and providing reps with relevant information so that when they do reach out, they’re able to get more engagement because their messaging is more targeted.

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