DoubleDutch SDR Team Increases Opportunity Output By 25%

Sam Laber

Events and conferences can bring together thousands of like-minded people in one place, all with their own agendas and motivations. And with so many moving parts, it can be difficult to engage attendees in a relevant way, and ultimately, gain actionable insights about their behavior. That’s where DoubleDutch comes in. The company provides mobile applications and performance analytics for events, conferences and trade shows, allowing DoubleDutch users to mine the treasure trove of data live events create. That vast amount of information is used to better serve customers, event organizers and stakeholders. DoubleDutch’s sales team was already widely regarded for its efficiency, but there’s always room for improvement.

VP of Sales, Mid-Market Russ Hearl sought to refine his SDR team’s process to shorten the sales cycle and boost opportunity conversion. But Russ says, “...the DoubleDutch sales development team was having trouble finding new, qualified accounts to target. Our reps were wasting time prospecting and calling into accounts that were less likely to convert..” Russ needed a better way to research and qualify leads. He needed a new layer of sales intelligence that would take his team to the next level.

A Cumbersome Qualification Process

DoubleDutch knew exactly who their ideal customers were, but finding companies that fit the profile was frustrating and time consuming. SDRs had no trouble finding prospects, but qualifying them was a chore. “To ensure new prospects sourced by SDRs were qualified, we had to add an extra step to the sales cycle that involved rigorous qualification. This meant conducting discovery calls to identify which marketing and event software prospects were already using to predetermine if DoubleDutch would be a good fit,” Russ says.

DoubleDutch lacked the tech stack and firmographic data needed to accurately qualify leads. And that deficiency didn’t just hurt scoring, “reps were less confident talking to prospects over the phone because they did not have enough ammo about that prospect’s event technology stack to hold an effective, engaging conversation,” according to Russ.

“Datanyze has dramatically impacted the quality of conversations our sales team has with prospects. We now have the ability to accurately predict the best time to reach out, which has led to a 25% increase in opportunities booked by our SDR team. These opportunities are also closing almost 10 days faster as a result.” 

-Russ Hearl, VP of Sales, Mid-Market

Prospecting Data That Drives Decisions

With Datanyze, Russ has enabled his team to pursue the right prospects at the right time. “From prospecting to outreach, Datanyze is the crucial market and sales intelligence layer that informs our decisions. We now target accounts that we already know produce events rather than blindly calling into accounts using only slightly related firmographic criteria such as employee count or revenue,” Russ says.

Datanyze crawls more than 40 million websites each and every day, uncovering the tech stack of a given company. That gives reps the knowledge they need to make the right decisions. “Our sales operations team uses Datanyze Targeting to identify companies with a marketing and event technology stack that complements our software. This helps guide each rep’s decision-making process,” says Russ.

And not only does Targeting allow DoubleDutch to find the right prospects, but with Alerts, Russ’ team knows exactly when to pick up the phone or send that email. “We use Datanyze Alerts to instantly surface the companies that have added a marketing automation platform or event management system that day. This helps our reps direct their outreach at the most opportune time,” Russ says.


The Datanyze sales intelligence platform has transformed an already widely-regarded sales machine into an unstoppable force. Using Datanyze, DoubleDutch’s reps now know exactly which accounts then need to work and have the prospecting intel they need to pick up the phone and book the meeting. Using Datanyze, Russ says his team has seen their quantity of opportunities generated increase by a whopping 25%, which has led to shorter sales cycle times and one of the highest revenue growth rates in the SaaS space over the last few years.

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