Captora Outlaws Static Lead Lists, Generates $5.5M Of Qualified Pipeline In One Quarter

Captora’s Digital Marketing Acceleration Platform enables marketers to access real-time buyer and competitive intelligence, scale and optimize digital campaigns and identify marketing gaps to help drive pipeline growth like never before. Like many other sales executives, Captora Sales Development Director Steve Dodsworth was having trouble getting that solution in front of key decision-makers. As a first step, Steve tried purchasing lists with thousands of leads, but that wasn’t enough to really fill their funnel. Captora needed a way to uncover the right prospects and build their own lists in real-time.

Testing Out Purchased Lists

Static lead lists are like loaves of bread. From the moment they come out of the oven they start going stale. Every second that passes, the information those lists contain becomes more and more outdated. Contacts leave jobs, their roles change or the companies they work for may go out of business. Reconciling those information gaps can put the brakes on productivity. That’s exactly the problem Steve encountered when buying lead lists. (He even wrote a blog post about it. Check it out here.) 

“These purchased lists were filled with inaccurate company and contact data,” says Steve. “And fixing these inaccuracies required a lot of manual entry, which took time away from interacting with prospects and setting up meetings.” And even if the lists provided promising leads, there were still big problems that hindered conversion. Steve says: “Captora’s sales team was purchasing a variety of static lead lists, which did not contain the amount of information reps needed to fully understand each account.”

“In Q4 2014, Captora generated $5.5M in outbound sales pipeline from accounts that were sourced through Datanyze." 

Steve Dodsworth, Director of Sales Development

Real-Time Data Builds Accurate Lists

Using Datanyze, the Captora sales team now sources millions of dollars in new outbound sales pipeline each quarter. Datanyze allows Steve’s team to prospect and build lists backed by real-time data. Users can instantly see a company’s tech stack, and know the moment a prospect adds or drops a competitive or complementary solution. Datanyze does this by crawling more than 40 million websites daily, looking for little snippets of code which indicate what technologies a given company is using.

That up-to-date data, coupled with accurate firmographic information, allows Steve’s team to find and target the prospects most likely to buy. Datanyze Targeting enables Captora’s sales management team to build specific account lists based on their ideal prospect’s industry, revenue, size, current technologies and Alexa rank.

So how do reps know when to reach out? Captora’s sales reps use Datanyze Alerts to identify which companies have started or stopped using a competitive or complementary product the day it happens. This allows them to target prospects who may be entering a buying cycle or testing new solutions.


Datanyze enables Captora to generate millions of dollars in outbound sales pipeline each quarter. Steve’s sales team uses Datanyze to create targeted account lists based on real-time data, including their ideal prospect’s firmographic profile -- industry, revenue, company size -- and current technologies. With real-time sales intelligence and an exhaustive list of qualified accounts, Captora’s sales reps now spend the majority of their time effectively interacting with prospects and little to no time fixing inaccurate information.

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