Accurate Data & Streamlined Workflows Boost Outreach’s SDR Productivity

Outreach helps automate message personalization and workflow management for your sales team to save time and deliver repeatable, consistent and scalable results. Its engagement solution removes the guesswork from the outbound process and helps teams get more efficient with their existing pipeline.

But even the most customized message means absolutely zilch if it doesn’t reach the intended target. Outreach’s Vice President of Sales Mark Kosoglow wanted to make sure his SDRs not only had relevant, up-to-date information about prospects, including tech stack and company data, but that they had the right contact information. His SDRs were frustrated by the inaccurate data other solutions provided which slowed down prospecting. So Mark went looking for a new tool to enable his team and accelerate the sales process.


Increase In Meetings Booked & Sales Activity

Bad Contact Data Leads to High Bounce Rates

According to analyst firms IDC and CSO Insights, 52% of sales representatives do not achieve their sales goals, in part because nearly half of a sales representative's time is spent on administrative and preparation work, instead of engaging with prospects. That’s a problem Outreach was facing. According to Mark: “We used to deliver leads to our reps for them to contact,” but reps were wasting too much time researching those leads. And a lot of the time the quality of data mined was poor, especially email addresses. Mark says “’s morale-crushing when you spend 45 minutes writing a customized email only to have 40% bounce back.” It’s also bottom line-crushing when your messaging never even lands in prospects’ inboxes.

Mark needed something that would help qualify data; be quick to implement and easy for his reps to use; and to be able to do it all at scale. He not only needed better sales intelligence, but a solution that would speed up his sales process, reduce bounce rates and improve morale.

"Using Datanyze, my SDRs can now prospect 20 accounts in 3 hours...BOOM!"

-Mark Kosoglow, VP of Sales

Accelerated Prospecting Increases SDR Activity

Outreach’s prospecting process was kicked into overdrive once they started using Datanyze. Using Datanyze’s Email Finder and seamless Outreach integration, reps can now combine prospecting, email discovery and customized outbound messaging into one easy workflow. Mark says, “...we give our reps accounts and they are able to prospect them using popular online directories. Then reps quickly use Datanyze to capture lists of contacts and upload them to Outreach. We can give an SDR a list of 20 accounts and they can have them completely prospected in less than 3 hours. That’s multiple contacts, with email address and title.”

With the help of Datanyze, prospecting became faster, easier and more effective. “Within 2 weeks of using Datanyze, sales rep productivity in 3 key areas increased by nearly 50%, leading to a 50% increase in meetings booked,” Mark says. For Outreach, Datanyze is “...providing better data quality, and giving us back time to actually do sales activities.”


Datanyze helped Outreach boost team morale, accelerate prospecting and create more opportunities, proving that personalized messaging can be fast, you just need the right tools. Using Datanyze’s Email Finder, SDRs had a reliable way of getting prospects’ contact information, dramatically reducing bounce backs and ensuring their customized campaigns actually reached the intended contacts. Less time wasted and more meetings booked. Mark says that when it comes to prospecting with Datanyze: “...I don’t think it can get any faster.”

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