Uploading a List of Customers or Prospects to Datanyze

January 21, 2014 Jon Hearty

There are a few essential actions to take as soon as you join Datanyze, and one of them involves seeing which of your current customers may be cheating on you with the competition. On average, our users find that about 15% of their customer base is also using the technology of one of their competitors, which could signal that the customer is unsatisfied with their solution. Reaching out to these customers at the right time can drastically increase your customer retention and ensure you aren’t losing your customers to the competition.

If you happen to be one of the technologies Datanyze tracks, we will automatically tag all domains using your technology with the #CurrentCustomer tag.

Datanyze domains with tag

Otherwise, you can add the tag yourself anytime.

CSV Import

To get started, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the ‘CSV Import’ button at the bottom of the Domains section

  2. Leave the Import Type field set to Upload

  3. Click the Choose File button and select your CSV file (you will need a CSV file with the domain names of your current customers in order to upload your list into Datanyze)

  4. Leave the Apply A Tag field set to ‘New Tag’

  5. Choose a name for your tag (for this example, we’ll use #CurrentCustomer)

  6. If you’d like the rest of your organization to be able to see this tag, select ‘Make this tag public (let other people from my company see it)’

  7. Click Import

Once you’ve done this, you’ll notice your #CurrentCustomer tag next to domain names throughout Datanyze:

Datanyze domains with tag

Need some ideas? Here’s what some of our users are doing with their list of current customers:

  • See which of your competitors they are comparing you against

  • See which non-competing technology they are using most frequently

  • See who is using a technology that you integrate with

Want to know more about how to use Datanyze to your advantage? Contact us anytime for more information!


Now that you have updated your customer information and you know which companies to reconnect with, take some time to review how to sell your product to your account.

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