A Video Guide To Scraping Twitter For Lead Generation

June 23, 2015 Sam Laber

Image Source: Social Media Key with Twitter Bird Icon on laptop keyboard by Cienpies Design & Communication Dreamstime

Guest post by Matt Smith, creator of The Predictable Revenue Bundle, a solution designed to help any sales hacker leverage the tools and training of Silicon Valley’s best sales teams.

Why is Twitter a good place to source leads? Because in terms of B2B, Twitter is relatively untapped. Everyone gets hundreds of emails a day from sales and marketing reps, but how many Twitter direct messages or mentions do you get a day? Probably zero. Twitter has 300M+ active users, so your prospects are definitely using the product. Your prospects are following your competitors on Twitter. Your prospects have searchable keywords in their Twitter bios. So the only question is: how are you going to capture this Twitter data?

Enter scraping apps…

Scraping apps like Import.io and Kimono are key tools in the sales hacker’s SaaS stack. Are you an account executive/buyer in ecommerce? Just scrape your competitors and BOOM, now you can go after all of their accounts. Are you a growth marketer looking to find Twitter users with certain characteristics? Just search and scrape Followerwonk to find your target customers.

Leveraging Twitter + scraping apps can result in an entirely new and untapped lead generation referral source. In order to help you see the power of Twitter + scraping, I created several video tutorials. Each video is designed with a business case in mind.

1) Allmytweets + Kimono

Scenario: You are a SaaS sales rep looking to find hot startups recently featured in TechCrunch.

Deliverable: Excel dump of the last 2,000 TechCrunch articles

The formula I used to pull out the tweet link in the Google Sheet is =REGEXEXTRACT(B2,”(http:.{17})”).

2) Followerwonk + Import.io

Scenario: You are the VP of sales at an “Uber for drones” startup. You need to connect with drone fans to spread awareness for your offering

Deliverable: Build a list of drone fans

As you can see, the combo of Followerwonk and Import.io allows anyone to build a super targeted list of Twitter profiles based off keywords in Twitter bios.

3) Topsy.com + Kimono

Scenario: You are the founder of a new password management startup. You need to find press outlets and users interested in your solution.

Deliverable: List of publications and Twitter users interested in password management apps

Here are a few more scraping and lead generation videos if you are interested in learning more.

As I have (hopefully) illustrated, scraping Twitter data can be amazingly helpful for sales and marketing teams. I encourage all sales reps to learn to love scraping. However, outsourcing this activity is an option as well. As long as you are very specific and detailed regarding your desired data output from the virtual assistant, you should be fine leveraging outsourcers to run your scrapes.

As crazy as it may sound to Silicon Valley startups, there are still TONS of account executives who do their own lead generation. The workflows of these AEs are about to change thanks to predictable revenue and the explosion of sexy sales apps like Datanyze, Import.io and Kimono ;). If you are reading this, you are one of the chosen ones that already lives in this delightful future. Embrace the predictable revenue specialized sales team system. Embrace the SaaS sales stack as it helps automate every sales process from email to document management. We are on the cusp of a massive change in the sales profession where scraping Twitter for leads will soon become the norm.

Featured Image Source: Social Media Key with Twitter Bird Icon on laptop keyboard by Cienpies Design & Communication Dreamstime

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