Now What? How To Transform Leads Into Hungry Subscribers

September 17, 2015 Sam Laber

Now that you’ve identified and collected hot leads, it would be a tragedy for you to lose them!

Hot leads fall through the cracks every day, and sadly, in most cases, it can be avoided. The key for you is to get past the euphoria of generating hot leads and move on to the next step:

Figuring out how you’re going to convert those leads.

Let’s look at some concrete steps you’ll need to take if you want to transform those hot leads into hungry subscribers:

Anticipate Their Concerns

Now that you’re able to attract your prospects by promising a solution to the things they’re saying they need, it’s time to dig deeper and address the needs they’re not revealing.

Carmine Gallo used a 5-star family resort located in San Diego as an example in a article.

Carmine and his family were led to the resort via TripAdvisor reviews. But, after he made the decision to vacation at the resort with his family, he mentions the one thing that assured him that he made the right buying decision, and that he’d continue to do business with the resort:

The Grand Del Mar’s customer service ‘secret’ became very clear to me on this recent visit—the staff finds small ways to unexpectedly delight their customers and they do so by anticipating unexpressed wishes.

At the end of our stay…I asked the desk clerk why everyone seems to anticipate the needs of a guest. ‘It makes us stand out,’ he said.

In a world where many vendors treat their prospects as if the prospect is privileged to do business with them, the vendors who go the extra mile to address their prospect’s needs and concerns, will definitely woo them towards a contract-signing decision.

Here are things you can do as a technology sales rep to anticipate the needs of your “guests”:

  • Touch up with your leads to see if they have any questions or trouble using your product. The simple fact that you care means a lot. This will make the lead feel like they won’t be alone (that fear of no one around to help) after they sign.
  • Go the extra mile and help your lead solve an actual business problem using the product. Not only are you throwing in free training, you’re demonstrating the value of your product tackling an actual pain point. Nothing really competes with this level of service when trying to close deals.
  • Get to know their business and build a relationship with the lead. Not only will this facilitate more ways for you to help them, you’ll likely reduce churn because of the stronger bonds created between your company and your customers.

Leverage Their Pain Points

Prospects already know what they need (in most cases), but what they don’t have is a vendor who understands why their needs aren’t being met.

Data Hug does a nice job of explaining the characteristic that’s often the key to closing more sales:


Empathy is the ability to put yourself into another person’s shoes and perceive things from their perspective. But, empathetic inside selling goes a lot farther than simply identifying a prospect’s pain point. Showing that you honestly care about a customer’s business must be a key consideration… If you can employ empathy effectively, (then) you can build credibility and connections with customers at scale.

Here’s an example of how Buffer presents themselves as an empathetic wellspring of answers:

Get to know your company’s FAQ and support documentation thoroughly. Spend time listening in on support calls and talk to support reps whenever you have a moment. This will be the ammunition you need to be truly empathetic.

Create Urgency

Only 30 more minutes to buy!

Limited quantities in stock!

Only if you act now…

The direct marketing industry has taken advantage of using urgency as a sales tool for decades, and the same tool works for inside sales, too.

Here’s a lesson on human nature that explains why this tactic works so well, time and again:

Beyond feeling ignored or rejected, most people hate feeling like they’ve missed out on a hot opportunity!

With this in mind, start setting deadlines for responses. This definitely helps to clear your prospect list of dead weight, but it also motivates procrastinators to make a decision, lest they miss out.

More importantly, the longer a lead takes to get to know your product (say during a trial), the greater the chance they’ll never make a decision. Again, you have to show them the value immediately and get them to commit. Give them too much time and they will forget why they were interested in your product or service in the first place.

Stress The Benefits

“What’s in this for me?” The question is answered a bit in the educational part of your conversion, but prospects still want to know how all of your information translates into something real and beneficial.

For example, will your service hit the most common sweet spots, such as:

  • Saving them money
  • Increasing their return on investment
  • Pay for itself
  • Save them time
  • Make them look good

If you can make an argument for any these outcomes, then you’ll position yourself well to land new subscriptions, every time.

Ask For The Sale

Shockingly, this is the step that’s the most simple, yet it’s the step that’s the most overlooked!

This is the opportunity to summarize what you’ve offered, the benefits, the pain points, and how your prospects can gain those benefits while losing their pain after they sign the contract.

What’s holding you back from boldly asking for the sale? Do you secretly dread coming across like a sleazy sales guy?

The goods news is; you can totally accomplish your sales goals without making your prospect’s skin crawl!

Mike Templeman explains how on

You don’t have to be intrusive or overbearing to ask for the sale. Years ago, when I realized the error in my ways, I began asking clients how we could get started instead of just leaving them with sales materials. It wasn’t obtrusive: I wasn’t demanding they sign up with me. I was simply implying that we get started with the work. My close rate skyrocketed and very soon I had to turn away new clients, because I had all the business I could handle.

If you think about it, people need to be spurred into action.  After all, you’re asking them to complete two processes:

  • Make a decisive buying decision
  • Part with their money

Honestly, no one likes parting with their money, even if they understand their need to do so. In most cases, prospects aren’t going to come to your sign-up page, breathless and eager to hand out their credit card information!

This is why you’ll need to give your prospects a firm, yet friendly nudge in the right direction.

You were able to generate those hot leads for a reason. Now, don’t let them evaporate away! Implement strategies that will ensure that your subscriber prospects take the next natural step in your sales funnel process.

Featured Image Source: Write Plan Business Startup Start-Up Notebooks by Startup Stock Photos CC0 Pixabay

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