Tools And Tips To Talk To The Right Person At The Right Time

April 3, 2014 Jon Hearty


In sales, timing is almost everything. If you can talk to the right person at the right time, it can make sure you get your foot in the door and don’t get the door slammed in your face. If you want to surface these serendipitous moments, you need to be armed with tools and tips like these:

[TOOL] Zopim is the chat service we use at Datanyze (there are many to choose from – see the ones we track here). It provides a snapshot of the visitors that are on our site right now as well as important context about the visitor such as their location and the path they took to get to our site. We have both scheduled demos and closed deals from Zopim chats, so we can personally vouch for the impact of talking to someone while they are on your site and most likely ready to take the next step.

Datanyze Zopim screenshot

According to a survey conducted by MIT Professor James B. Oldroyd, in conjunction with, “the odds of qualifying a lead in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drop 21 times.” At Datanyze, answering demo and chat requests as quickly as possible is essential in maximizing our results based on this principle.

[TOOL] Datanyze Alerts gives our customers a daily summary of the websites that added or dropped the technologies they’re interested in. If a website dropped your competitor or added a technology you integrated with, reaching out to them within a day or two of that event can make the difference between them working with you or not.

Datanyze Alerts Example

In fact, we use Alerts internally (yes, we eat our own dog food) to surface great opportunities for our salespeople to reach out to prospects. If we see that a website in the Alexa top 1,000 dropped a technology, we’ll reach out to their competitors that we’re prospecting and notify them of the event – they’re almost always interested in hearing about how we found that data and how they can get their hands on it.

[TIP] Reach out to the right person. Timing only matters if you’re talking to the right person, so make sure you know who you’re targeting and how to contact them. We use our People data internally, but there are many great services that can provide contact information on the people you target like Rapportive and the recently launched StackLead.

Datanyze People Jon Hearty

[TIP] Learn the art of the cold email. At Datanyze, we can provide you with data that is so valuable you might feel guilty having it, but what you do with that data is up to you. We can show you the perfect person at the perfect time and give you their email address, but it’s up to you to take it from there. For some solid email-related tips, check out this post about cold emailing by Steli Efti of and a great one about email introduction etiquette by Jason Freedman of 42Floors.


To get a crash course on what you should and should not do in your cold email, take a look at our webinar below.

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