The Top 10 Marketing Automation Companies according to VentureBeat

March 13, 2014 Jon Hearty


A couple weeks ago, VentureBeat’s John Koetsier published a huge update on the marketing automation space, Top 10 Marketing Automation Companies: The VB Index report. The report was based on a survey that VentureBeat conducted on some of it’s readers who ranked marketing automation companies like Marketo and Act-On “based on 24 criteria, including cost, maturity, performance, reliability, and integratability.” Without a doubt, this update had some results that surprised a lot of people, including the high rankings of industry newcomers IBM and SAS. We decided to see how the VentureBeat Top 10 compared to Datanyze’s Top 10 based on our free Market Share data.

#1 Hubspot Hubspot
#2 Salesforce Marketo
#3 Marketo InfusionSoft
#4 SAS Eloqua
#5 Eloqua Pardot (Salesforce)
#6 IBM Leadlander
#7 Act-On Act-On
#8 InfusionSoft Unica
#9 LoopFuse VisiStat
#10 Silverpop DemandBase

There are definitely some differences, proving that market share does not always correlate directly with customer happiness. Also, as Dan Freeman points out, “…usage data is not particularly relevant without knowing something about the survey audience. Are they, for example, biased towards large firms? (Hint: Infusionsoft has more customers than either Marketo or Hubspot but shows lower usage in the VB Report).”

It is very clear that a lot of these marketing automation solutions are designed for different people and different use cases. Our data shows a clear difference between market shares of the top 1 million websites versus the top 10,000:

#1 Hubspot Marketo
#2 Marketo Visual Revenu
#3 InfusionSoft Eloqua
#4 Eloqua Unica
#5 Pardot DemandBase (Salesforce)

The fact that Hubspot is #1 in the top 1 million but not in the top 5 for the top 10 thousand is interesting. Additionally, according to Dan Freeman, InfusionSoft focuses on small businesses, a lot of which would not be anywhere near the top 1 million in Alexa ranking. Because of this, InfusionSoft is most likely much more widespread than any of this data might lead you to believe.

In the end, the devil, as they say, is in the details. When looking at data of any kind, it’s always important to evaluate the source, biases, and anything else that can throw you for a loop. As a company that focuses on quantitative data, Datanyze appreciates seeing qualitative studies like VentureBeat’s that give important context. If you’d like to learn about what other data we provide for our customers, please contact us!

Featured Image Source: Winner Medal Gold Award Success First by AxxLC CC0 Pixabay


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