The Best Tools for Successful Business Negotiations

June 6, 2018 Michael Gorman

Business to business negotiations are a critical aspect of every growing company. Anyone who has ever participated in negotiations knows how important it is to be prepared as much as possible in order to put yourself in a position that allows you to reach a positive outcome.

While the importance of negotiation skills is indisputable, you should also consider taking advantage of the latest developments in the digital world. A wide variety of tools have been recently developed to improve preparation for negotiations. Let’s take a look at those that can benefit B2B businesses.

Presentation Tools

Decisions made during negotiations relies on data and information. If you need to visualize the information for a negotiation, the following tools can come in handy.

PowerPoint Online – This is a free online version of good old PowerPoint that allows creating good-looking presentations. The only thing you need is an Outlook account to sign in and view, create, and edit your presentations. 

Google Slides – This is a free version of an online presentation tool from Google. In addition to letting you create gorgeous presentations, it can be used by teams to work on the same project at the same time.

LinkedIn SlideShare – LinkedIn is a well-known social network in B2B world, but did you know it now offers a tool to create presentations, documents, and infographics? It’s really easy to use, so you can create complex presentations without breaking a sweat.

Negotiation Courses

Mastering the behaviors of effective negotiation requires knowledge from experts. Here’s a list of the most reputable online education platforms where you learn from the pros and hone your skills. 

Coursera Negotiation Courses – Well-known platform Coursera offers more than 50 courses on business negotiations from such educational institutions as University of Michigan, Yale University, Northwestern University, and many others.

Udemy Negotiation Courses – Udemy offers a great selection of both free and paid online courses that cover everything from negotiation fundamentals to power tactics.

eCornell Negotiation Skills Course – If you’re looking to get professional certification, consider enrolling in eCornell. This course is designed for people not in formal management positions. 

Online Meeting Tools

Technology is commonly used when having face-to-face negotiation is impossible. Many companies that interact with international clients or hire services such as those for professional writing  use online meeting tools on a regular basis. To ensure functionality, user-friendly interface, and good quality of audio and video, you should choose only the best tools. Here are some of them. – This is an easy and quality online conferencing tool designed specifically for business meetings. It allows to simultaneously share multiple screens to engage the participants as much as possible.

Samepage – This is a host online meetings and collaborate with other participants in real time with this tool. Sharing files, taking notes, and accessing content in third-party applications (Slack, YouTube, Google Drive, Freshdesk, Typeform, Zapier, and others) is also possible. 

GoToMeeting – This tool was designed specifically for sales persons, business owners, and IT managers who need solutions for online meetings and conference room meetings. Android and iOS versions are also available. 

G Suite – This is a suite of products developed for online collaboration that involves online meeting software. Developed by Google, this suite allows web conferencing, file sharing, scheduling in the cloud, and many other useful features. 

Anti-Stress Tools

People participating in negotiations on a regular basis may experience a lot of stress. Two major casualties of stress are creativity and memory, which are essential for success in negotiating, so mitigating stress is critical. 

Research shows that nature sounds help to relax, so listening to them can provide an instant relief. The tools below will help you to relax, take your mind off business, and prevent stress from having a negative impact on your health. 

Calm Sounds – Sounds of an ocean, thunderstorm, country garden, or rainforest waterfall are known to have relaxing effects. This resource offers a large collection of sounds and videos of various natural settings such as beaches, forests, and gardens that can get your emotional state of mind in order.

Meditation Room – Find natural sounds, relaxing music, binaural beats, and guided medications here,  all for free. This non-profit site is an ultimate source of relaxing sounds that you can also use to accompany your yoga sessions. 

Nature Relaxation – This is another great source of relaxing music and nature sounds. Most of the videos with music are uploaded to YouTube and accompanied by great videos, so you can go full screen and enjoy the experience. Just select the sounds you prefer and relax to get your mind right after a stressful session of negotiating.


Dealing with negotiations and their implications may be one of the most difficult things you attempt in your professional life. Clearly, preparing yourself is the best thing you can do to reach the desired outcome, so feel free to browse through the resources above and see how they can work for you. 

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