Technologies used by Fortune 1000 companies

October 24, 2012 Jon Hearty

Ever wondered what technologies are used by Fortune 1000 companies? We just uploaded the list of these companies to Datanyze, assigned a “#fortune1000” tag to this group, and looked at the stats. Here is what we see:

More than a half of them use Google Analytics. No surprise there. According to our records, Google’s free analytics software is used by more than 50% of the top 1 million websites.

Akamai is number two on this list. It’s an established player on the CDN market, and Fortune 1000 companies have enough money to pay for their services.

Omniture is number three with 103 customers and is the leading premium web analytics solution.

AT&T is the leader among DNS services with 101 websites.

Sharepoint is also worth mentioning. Microsoft did a nice job marketing their “highest-growing product”, and it seems like their marketing efforts did not go unnoticed among big enterprises.

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Jon Hearty is the VP of Strategic Accounts at Datanyze. When he's not whistling while he works, he's likely looking to go low on the links.

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