A 5-Step Guide To Social Selling On Twitter

May 1, 2015 Jeff Wickum

According to a recent survey by Peoplelinx, only 31% of sales reps leverage social media for prospecting. With over 288 million active users, Twitter is where your prospects talk, learn, and network online. In this post, we’ll be sharing a framework that Datanyze sales reps are currently using for prospecting on Twitter as well as a few helpful tips for getting started.

Step 1: Prep your profile

Before you start connecting with prospects on Twitter, you’ll want to make sure that your profile is complete. This means making sure that all your basic information is present and that your bio concisely describes your present role. List formats tend to do better because the bio boxes have a limit of 160 characters.

After your profile is clean, it’s time to start sharing content and thoughts relevant to your product and industry on a consistent basis. The goal is to build a solid online reputation so people can trust you when you’re engaging with them.

Step 2: Monitor hashtags, mentions and follows

Start by searching for mentions of your company’s name. This uncovers people asking questions, sharing content, and recommending your organization. Next, search for mentions of your competitors’ names. These are people who could be in the market for your solution, but haven’t come across your product — yet. Pay attention to hashtags that commonly pop up as these are tags you should add to your own tweets.

You can also do a “reverse” lookup. Take a look at your competitors’ followers to see if they meet your ideal customer profile. Check out who they are talking to and determine whether or not these folks are worth getting in touch with. Finally, filter out all current customers from these lists and you end up with a nice set of fresh prospects.

Step 3: Organize with lists

Private lists are a great way to manage your Twitter prospects. After finishing up step 2, add the people who are mentioning your company and your competitors to a private list. You can easily keep track of their activity in the list view and keep an eye out for any changes in interest.

Be sure to check public lists too. For example, if you’re selling to adtech companies, there are a number of lists that have already been compiled. You can save time by examining these preset lists and filtering out your current customers.

Step 4: Get on the radar

Now that you have your list of prospects, you’re ready to start engaging. Favorite a couple of your prospects’ tweets that are particularly relevant to your value proposition. Feel free to follow your prospects as that can get their attention too. Once a bit of rapport has been established, you are ready to engage — but don’t immediately go for the hard sell. The best part about prospecting on Twitter is that it brings together both personal and professional aspects. For example, I use my Twitter to share relevant sales content, but also to root for my favorite sports team. When you direct message your prospect, try using the personal aspect of their profile to start a conversation. As always, don’t go overboard with personal messages, but feel free to test the waters.

Step 5: Take the conversation elsewhere

Once you’ve started a conversation on Twitter, take the conversation elsewhere. Find their email with Datanyze Insider, and send them a note mentioning your exchange on Twitter. This doesn’t guarantee a sale or even a meeting, but it will certainly improve your chances. According to Forbes, 78% of salespeople who use social media outperform those who do not. By establishing a relationship before ever starting to sell, you will have a significant advantage over the rep who just sends a cold email. This may seem daunting at first, but by making it a small part of your daily routine you’ll be an expert in no time.

Featured Image Source: Twitter Logo Printed Onto Paper. Twitter is a social networking service and website started in March 2006 by Ink Drop Shutterstock

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