Six Tips to Make a Good Impression in Your Next Interview

September 18, 2018 Jordan Perez

An interview can be one of the most dreaded parts of the job application process. Instead of feeling like a stepping stone to the career of your dreams, it often feels like you are a contestant on a reality dating show, with just a few minutes to prove yourself and your worth. Sometimes they go well and sometimes… well, we wish we had a redo.

There are few simple things that can be done to make the interview process as smooth as possible. They may not take away the butterflies in your stomach or cool your sweaty palms, but being fully prepared is the best way to ensure that you walk into that interview with confidence and strength. Take a look at these six tips that can help you make a good impression in your next interview.

1. Research The Company

Look up your interviewer(s) and the company online to find out what they’re like. Observe what other people are saying about the company, who their competition is, and what their strengths and weaknesses are. You won’t necessarily use this knowledge directly during the interview, but it will help you direct the conversation towards the fact that you are the answer to their needs.

Pro Tip: If you are applying for a job related to sales and marketing, you should try to learn as much as possible about the product you will be hired to sell or market. How familiar you are with the company's products and your ability to discuss them intelligently will surely impress the interviewer(s). While you are talking about the company's products during the interview, discuss them with the same energy and enthusiasm you would if you were selling it to an actual customer. You will come across as an interested and enthusiastic candidate, which is what your employers will want.

2. Keep It About The Company

Speaking of their needs, find a way to communicate that you are excited and eager to be the solver of their problem--filling whatever position it is that you applied for! Turn the conversation back to the company and what you can do for them, instead of making the interview all about you.

3. Don’t Fill The Quiet Spaces

Don’t be too quick to insert words and noise because silence makes you feel awkward. Sometimes, giving a thoughtful pause before answering or letting the interviewer have a moment to finish their thoughts shows that you can be calm, thoughtful, and engaged--even in the silence. 

4. Listen, Don’t Just Hear

Whenever the interviewers speak to you, stop spending that time figuring out the next amazing answer you are going to give. Instead, genuinely listen to what they are saying. They are taking the time to communicate something important to you. A good listener doesn’t just hear the words--they will also try to understand what is being said and why.

5. Look The Interviewers In The Eyes

As a kid, my parents were always on me about looking adults in the eyes, and eventually, the lessons stuck. Eye-contact is one of the most profound ways to communicate interest, self-respect, and a willing, eager attitude--qualities all companies want someone on their team to have!

6. Be Yourself In The Interview

Comply with the respectful manners, conservative dress choices, and calm demeanors, but don’t let those cultural ideals keep you from presenting yourself as you truly are. An employer will be interested in hiring the real you--not a facade that’s put on for an interview process. Make sure that this is a job you can come to each day as yourself, and that you’ll enjoy what you do!

While most tips for interviews would include wardrobe ideas or suave entrance lines, the best way to conduct an interview is to be an interested, engaged listener who is educated on the company and its mission, has skills to meet the company’s needs, is more interested in working as a part of a whole than as the star of the show, and is truly themselves. 

The success of an interview may not always be determined by a callback, but by complete communication of your strengths, the company’s needs, and whether the two are a fit. Regardless of the outcome, there’s an employer out there that needs you, and an interview following these tips will be sure to lead you there!

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