5 Sales Development Blogs We Love Reading And Why

June 25, 2015 Sam Laber

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There are a TON of great sales development tools out there, but what about sales development blogs? Good content isn’t just “for marketers by marketers”, so we wanted to create a post that calls out our favorite reading nooks and explains a little bit about why we like them so much. The list is by no means exhaustive, and  we didn’t really think too much about the order. That said, enjoy!


Similar to the product itself, the Yesware blog is (for lack of a better word) “notoriously” data-driven. Want to know when to send an outreach email? Yesware collected data on 500,000 sales emails to help you figure this out. Need a few cold email templates that have been proven to garner high response rates? They’ve got nine. Looking for a faster way to find email addresses? Here’s a complete step-by-step guide.

The Yesware blog team posts about once a week, in line with the “quality over quantity” mantra. If you choose to subscribe, you won’t be overloaded with RSS feed emails – phew!


When it comes to sales development tactics, organization, and strategy, Craig Rosenberg and the Topo research team know their shi- stuff. At it’s core, Topo is a research and advisory firm that helps growing sales and marketing teams bring in more revenue. Seems pretty simple, but the tactics are certainly not.

We find ourselves coming back time and time again to perhaps the single longest and most detailed blog post ever written about sales development.

If there’s something about sales development Craig failed to mention, we’d be shocked. The post first makes the case for building an SDR team, then dives into how successful teams are structured, how each role operates, and what metrics and KPIs managers should track. Put simply, it’s a gold mine for SDR knowledge and should be included in every SDR on boarding packet.

The Bridge Group

Trish Bertuzzi and the Bridge Group team are perhaps more in touch with the inside sales and sales development community than any other company out there — and it shows in their content. To better explain their reach, just look at LinkedIn, where The Bridge Group has two extremely active and helpful groups: Inside Sales Experts (47,000+ members) and Sales Development Forum – a community founded in April 2015 that already has 790 active members.

If you’re a sales development manager you are probably asking questions like:

  • How many SDRs should I hire to hit my revenue goals?
  • How much should I compensate my reps?
  • What metrics should I track and how?

For detailed answers backed by data taken from surveys of the sales development community, the Bridge Group blog is the place for you. Here’s a great post that outlines all the metrics and data points you need to make better decisions as a manager or director.

Image Source: Periodic Table of Inside Sales Metrics by The Bridge Group Inc


In our opinion, this blog doesn’t get as much love as it should. If you haven’t heard of InsightSquared, they are a Salesforce analytics app that tracks and measures just about every metric, ratio, and KPI out there. This kind of unified reporting capability, combined with a thoughtful blog staff makes for some uniquely insightful blog posts — and some really pretty graphs and charts like this one:

Image Source: How does opportunity value correlate with our win rate? by InsightSquared

In particular, the blog shares a ton of valuable insights that derive from InsightSquared’s own processes. To get a taste, check out this post, which explains how their sales VP calculated the number of SDRs he needed to hire in order to hit his revenue goals.

Predictable Revenue

Last (but certainly not least) are the guys that founded it all. Aaron Ross, Matt Smith, and the Predictable Revenue team have walked the walk (Aaron helped increase Salesforce.com’s recurring revenue by $100M through sales development), and now they are talking the talk with insightful blog entries related to outbound sales.

Similar to Yesware, the Predictable Revenue blog emphasizes quality over quantity, so don’t be surprised if you don’t receive a new post from them every week. That said, everything that the team publishes is very solid and highly actionable. In particular, check out Aaron’s recent post on Why Salespeople Shouldn’t Prospect, which takes a look at how sales development and specialization have changed the game for modern sales teams.

Image Source: Specialize Your Fore Core Sales Roles by Predictable Revenue

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