Celebrate New Deals with Open Source Sales Notification System

March 31, 2017 Joe Vignolo

Think back to the last deal you closed. How was the company notified of your win? An email? Slack or HipChat message? Did you ring a gong with such force that all your peers were crushed under the weight of your revenue-generating greatness?

While all those get the job done, we wanted to find a better, more fun way to celebrate not only new business, upsells and renewals, but the employee who brought in that revenue.

So we built one. And because we believe that sharing is caring, we made it open source so any team at any company can implement it.

Sales Notification System

After some brainstorming, a few hours of coding and countless shots (bottles?) of tequila, our Sales Notification System was born.

Here’s what it looks like:

The web app is streamed to a flat-screen television mounted on the wall of our sales floor. When an alert comes in, the names of the company and closer are displayed, along with the deal amount and type (new business, renewal, upsell).

But the fun doesn’t stop there: A gif, video or song can also be triggered.

Here’s how it works:

  • When a new deal closes, Salesforce automatically sends out an email alert containing information like AE attached the account, size and deal type.

  • We configured SFDC to send that email to a dedicated inbox, which we monitor.

  • When an email arrives, a third-party service (Zapier) fires a webhook to the Sales Notification System (SNS).

  • The SNS then parses the email to find necessary data (AE, company name, size and deal type).

  • When the SNS discovers which closer the deal is associated, a designated YouTube video, Spotify soundtrack or gif is called up.

  • Finally, the SNS sends the video, song or gif through a websocket to be played on the notification landing page which is displayed on a monitor.

Click here for a more detailed explanation on how the system works and how you can implement it.

Some of our Account Executives opted to choose their own songs and gifs, while other reps are fine with their songs being randomly chosen by the program (think Wham!’s Careless Whisper suddenly playing at full volume after an upsell).

Open Source Fun

We love our new notification system and think you will too. That’s why we made it open source and uploaded it to GitHub for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

It’s definitely a work in progress so let us know what you think in the comments below. Are there things you want added or existing features we could make better?

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