Announcing Our Brand New Chrome Extension

September 2, 2014 Sam Laber

Over the past few months, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from our customers regarding Datanyze’s Chrome extension. This in mind, we decided to make it even better by enhancing the experience and adding new features that we think our customers will love.

Customizable UI

To save time, users can now click on the gear icon in the Pop-Up Window to access the  Settings page without leaving the extension. Via the Settings page, users can select the information they want displayed within the Pop-Up Window and Alerts Bubble.

At the top of the window, Datanyze now displays important metadata about the company and individual website that a user is browsing. This includes data points like Alexa rank, number of employees, company revenue and any tags a user has added for a particular website. Users can click on any data point to be taken to the appropriate page within the Datanyze web app.

Customize the Pop-Up Window

Now, users can choose the technologies that are displayed in the Pop-Up Window by turning on/off individual or groups of technologies in Settings.

Customize the Alerts Bubble

Similar to the Pop-Up Window, users can choose the technologies that appear in the Alerts Bubble by turning on/off individual or groups of technologies in Settings. Previously this was only customizable through the Datanyze web app.

Users can also choose where the Alerts Bubble is displayed in the browser window, how long it is displayed for, or turn it off completely if they would rather not be notified in this way.


If Datanyze detects a user’s proprietary technology on a given website, the extension can display a #CurrentCustomer tag within the Alerts Bubble. This option was previously only available within the Pop-Up window.

Live technology scanning

Websites are very dynamic, and companies are adding and dropping technologies from different pages all the time. To ensure that our data stays up-to-date, we created a live technology detection feature that displays the technologies present on that page in real-time.

Technologies detected live will have an ‘eyeball’ indicator. This information gets sent back to Datanyze, so we can maintain an accurate and complete database of websites and technologies.

Salesforce integration

For users with a Salesforce integration enabled with Datanyze, the Chrome extension has a number of features that help eliminate the back and forth between the extension and the Salesforce CRM.

Create a Salesforce record on the fly

While browsing a specific website, users can click the Salesforce icon in the Pop-Up Window to add this website and the corresponding company as a record in Salesforce.


If a website is already a record in a user’s Salesforce instance, the Alerts Bubble will now display a #SFDC tag. Previously, this information was only available within the Pop-Up Window.

LinkedIn export to Salesforce

This isn’t a new feature, but we thought it would be important to include as a reminder. Through the Datanyze integration with LinkedIn, users can choose to display a small Datanyze icon on LinkedIn people pages that, when clicked, creates a new record in Salesforce. To customize the Linkedin export feature, visit the Settings page.

For our customers, we hope these new features and design improvements make your life a bit easier as you prospect. If you have any questions, concerns or issues, please feel free to contact us here. We hope you enjoy the extension and, as always, appreciate your business!

About the Author

Sam Laber

Sam is the director of marketing at Datanyze. He's a big John Hughes fan who occasionally fills the DZ office with the sweet sweet sounds of 90s rock giant, Creed.

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