2 More Common Objections All SDRs Encounter

November 6, 2014 Sam Laber


In Tuesday’s blog post, we mapped out a strategy for overcoming three fairly common sales objections — price, timing and ‘wrong person’. After receiving a bit of feedback from our subscribers, we decided to extend this segment and include two additional objections that sales development reps encounter everyday.

Objection: “Send me more information”

Given the fact that every sales coach, mentor, trainer etc. tells us to keep our outreach emails as brief as possible, receiving a “send me more info” response can be particularly aggravating. What’s the point of writing a short, punchy email if your prospect is just going to insist on more information anyways? Well, here’s our advice.

Instead of treating this kind of response as an objection, treat it as an opportunity to provide even more value and set up a warmer meeting for your sales team. In this scenario, your prospect is leaning in a bit and suggesting that they are willing to do some research on your product. This in mind, It’s time to bare down, do a bit of digging, and send them an email that maps the benefits of  your product to their core responsibilities. Here are some guidelines for writing this email:

  • This email can be a bit longer, but make sure it is easy to read. Use bullet points when possible, underline or bold key statements and use numbers to support your claims.
  • Show that you’ve done your research — reference the benefits of your product in tandem with nuggets you’ve found from their LinkedIn profile, blog posts, speaking engagements, tweets etc.
  • If you’re going to send an attachment, make sure it’s a small file and no longer than 1 page. Your prospect wants an overview, not the Magna Carta.

Objection: “We’re already doing this in-house”

Prospects that have large, capable engineering teams tend to opt for the DIY approach over outsourcing projects to third parties. In this case, it’s all about getting your prospect to weigh the pros of DIY and the pros of outsourcing during an introductory conversation with your sales team. You can achieve this by highlighting a few ways your product helps save time, increase transparency and improve the functionality of their existing solution. See below:

Pros of DIY & Outsourcing

-Happy objection handling? :)

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