Introducing Datanyze People Targeting

February 14, 2018 Joe Vignolo

Datanyze is pleased to announce People Targeting, a game-changing feature that allows users to create and export lists of people filtered by firmographic and technographic data, and uncover the contact information (email and phone number) for your perfect prospects. Let’s take a deep dive into the benefits of People Targeting.

Target Titles

You know who buys your product so why not reach out directly to those people at companies that look just like your best customers. With People Targeting, you can search for people who have a specific title or function that you know are usually a good match for your product. For example, if you usually sell to marketing, use the Title filter in People Targeting to find CMOs.

Filter by Confidence Level

People Targeting takes accuracy to the next level by putting the user in the driver’s seat. Users can leverage the Contact Confidence Level filter to control the coverage and quality of their search results.

Refine Your Results

With People Targeting, you can get as granular as you want. Need to find CEOs of companies that use AWS, and that have not been previously prospected? No problem! How about Demand Generation Managers at companies with more than $10 million in revenue and over 50 employees? Piece of cake. With dozens of filters available, no search is too specific.

Direct Dials and Email Addresses

Once you have run your report, you can uncover the email and, if available, phone number of the results. It’s affordable and easy! And with our database of nearly 50 million contacts, you can say goodbye to bounced emails and disconnected phone numbers.

Data Where You Want It

So you have a ton of perfect prospects and you have uncovered their contact information. Now what? You add them to a Prospect List or export them to your CRM or sales automation tool. You can also export your results as a CSV for use anywhere. The right people at the right companies available in the systems you use every day.

Ready to try People Targeting? Current Datanyze users can head to the Targeting module in the Datanyze platform. Otherwise, request a demo to see how Datanyze can help your business grow.

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Joe Vignolo

Joe is the Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Datanyze, specializing in authentic storytelling that connects and converts. Before joining Datanyze, he was an award-winning broadcast journalist in the San Francisco Bay Area. He also believes Point Break is a shining example of American cinema.

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