Introducing “The Insiders”: Our List of the Top 20 Inside Sales Influencers of 2016

May 9, 2016 Joe Vignolo

It’s been quite the month for us here at Datanyze! We were recently thrilled to be named to Gartner’s latest Cool Vendor Report for Tech Marketing and Sales Enablement Leaders, which recognized five trailblazing organizations that are helping technology and service providers improve sales and marketing effectiveness and execution. (You can read more about that here).

On the heels of that recognition, our co-founder and chief revenue officer Ben Sardella was named one of AA-ISP’s Top 25 Most Influential Sales Professionals of 2016. This prestigious industry award recognizes individuals who have been instrumental in leading and advancing the ever-evolving inside sales profession. As one of Datanyze’s fearless leaders, Ben has been at the forefront of this industry since his days at NetSuite and Kissmetrics, and we’re proud to congratulate him on this milestone achievement!

This award also got us thinking of all of our peers, partners and mentors who have helped grow and shape the industry. So to honor them, we’re unveiling our own list today – the Datanyze 2016 Insiders. Here’s a look at our picks for the top 20 inside sales rock stars of 2016 (in no particular order):

1. Steli Efti

As co-founder and CEO at, an inside sales CRM, Steli has helped thousands of startups and SMBs minimize manual data entry and close more deals.

2. Richard Harris

A seasoned SaaS sales leader and inside sales trainer, Richard helps early stage and expansion stage startups build their sales infrastructure and train their sales teams to "get there faster."

3. Trish Bertuzzi

As president & chief strategist at the Bridge Group, Trish has built a stellar reputation across the industry for promoting inside sales as a community, profession and engine for revenue growth.

4. Heather Morgan

A former economist-turned-CEO at Salesfolk, Heather helps companies craft cold emails that feel human and actually add value – and most important, always get responses.

5. Jill Rowley

Jill provides strategy planning, keynote speeches and social selling workshops to companies that are customer obsessed, employee obsessed and partner obsessed.

6. John Barrows

John is a recognized sales trainer to some of the world's leading tech companies, focused on driving results with proven techniques and tools that impact adoption and behavior change.

7. Andy Paul

A best-selling author, speaker and sales acceleration strategist, Andy helps companies sell with maximum impact

8. Mark Roberge

Author of The Sales Acceleration Formula and CRO at Hubspot, Mark is an acclaimed senior lecturer at Harvard Business School on data, technology and inside sales topics.

9. Lori Richardson

As founder and CEO of Score More Sales, Lori leads efforts for B2B front-line sales growth and work with technology brands worldwide.

10. Max Altschuler

As author of Hacking Sales and CEO of SalesHacker, Max knows a thing or two about selling, and helps B2B tech startups build high velocity sales machines.

11. Paul Castain

Founder of the Sales Playbook consultancy, Paul helps make his clients "lethal" by showing them how to show up differently.

12. Craig Elias

Craig is the creator of Trigger Event Selling™, and advises clients on how to turn more prospects into loyal customers by harnessing specific "trigger events."

13. Colleen Francis

As founder of Engage Selling, Colleen works with business and sales leaders to design, implement and hone their sales teams to seize market opportunities.

14. Peter Gracey

Peter is the CEO of QuotaFactory and a sales acceleration guru who advocates for fair treatment of sales dev pros worldwide.

15. Anthony Iannarino

Anthony is a highly respected international speaker, author, entrepreneur, and sales leader specializing in the complex B2B sale.

16. Matt Heinz

An award-winning blogger, speaker and president of Heinz Marketing, Matt is known not only for his keen insight and humor, but also for his actionable and motivating takeaways.

17. Mark Hunter

As an acclaimed keynote speaker and sales trainer, there is nothing Mark (a.k.a. the “Sales Hunter”) likes better than helping companies and salespeople succeed.

18. Sean Sheppard

A serial entrepreneur and co-founder of GrowthX, Sean is an expert on all facets of product validation, marketing, sales and commercialization.

19. Lars Nilsson

Lars is VP of global inside sales at Cloudera and is a pioneer in account-based sales development.

20. Ben Sardella

And last, but certainly not least, Datanyze’s own Ben Sardella. We encourage you to get to know Ben and his perspectives on inside sales by tuning in to his regular podcast, Stories from the Sales Floor, which he co-hosts with Brandon Redlinger of PersistIQ. These lively podcasts feature some of today’s top sales professionals, pioneers and thought leaders, and gives you access to accounts and anecdotes never told before that will not only educate and inspire, but also entertain.

Thinking of other inside sales rock stars who should be added to this list? We’d love to hear them! Share your nominations with us on Twitter @Datanyze.

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