How to Improve Lead Generation With a 3-Step Customer Experience Strategy

November 5, 2019 Jared Cornell

The big question: What will help you reach prospects and customers in a more impactful manner and get ahead of the competition?

The answer: An active and robust marketing strategy.

A good marketing campaign can help your company attain more leads ... but how you convert those leads into buyers may be a challenge at your end. After all, according to Hubspot, 74% of companies who fail to meet lead generation goals don't know their lead or MQL numbers. 

Why? Many of us aren’t approaching prospects and customers in the most efficient way. Here are the top 3 most common habits that contribute to a "leaky funnel" - and loss of leads.

Practices That Lead to Loss of Leads

#1: Lack of Immediate Response

Website visitors expect an instant response. And why shouldn’t they? Companies today are equipped with different platforms and technologies that help them reach out to site visitors efficiently. Yet visitors  still complain that they do not receive an immediate response for their queries. Poor service subsequently results in a loss of leads. 33% of Americans say they consider switching companies due to poor customer service.

#2: Lack of Emotional Connection

Former CEO of Sikorsky Aircraft Gene Buckley said: 

“Don’t try to tell the customer what he wants. If you want to be smart, be smart in the shower. Then get out, go to work and serve the customer!”

It is important to remember that customers appreciate when their queries are truly understood rather than getting burdened with the assumptions made by support reps. They expect support reps to build an emotional connection with them as they explain the issue. Strong emotional connection between the company and the prospect/customer results in:

(a) Reduced customer attrition rate

(b) Increased customer advocacy

(c) An increase in active customers

(d) Increased sales growth rate

In fact, for most prospects and customers, a strong emotional connection matters more than general customer satisfaction. However, prospects and customers feel dissatisfied with the quality of service they receive from support operators and almost 90% of them get frustrated as they have to repeat most of their queries to multiple representatives. This ultimately leads to a loss of lead generation and decreased sales. 

#3: Lack of Multiple Platform Support

According to eConsultancy, customers prefer assistance over the following platforms or channels:

- Phone (61%)

- Email (60%)

- Live help chat (57%)

- Online knowledge base (51%)

- Click-to-call” support automation (34%)

Reaching an organization through these channels suggests that customers want real-time answers to their queries. However, not all businesses introduce all platforms at the same time. 42% customer service agents fail to efficiently provide solutions to customer queries due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications. This way, organizations do notice a fall in the existing number of leads.

What’s the outcome? 

All the above-mentioned practices indicate that companies need to work on their existing customer experience strategies to reach their lead generation goals. Why? Well, if you do not work towards improving your existing strategies then your customers are bound to complain. And these complaints can go a long way and won’t be a great value addition to your business.

In fact, you’d rather have those 53% of customers who share positive reviews with their social circles than the other 35% who would have poor experiences to share on their social media profile.

An improved customer experience strategy will help you retain existing customers and reduce cost of acquiring new leads.

Like any other organization, you too need to put lead generation, sales, and lead nurturing aspects as three of your top priorities. And to do that, it is important that you work towards improving your customer experience strategies.

Here are some changes you can make to your existing customer experience strategies that will ultimately help you improve your lead generation process.

Ways To Improve Your Lead Generation Process

#1: Change the Sales & Customer Service Perception

Sales and customer support teams are usually seen as two distinct entities in an organization. However, that is not the case anymore. It is important to remember that sales reps need to deliver excellent customer service for prospects and customers, and support operators have to be informed on how to effectively sell a product while providing help for it in real-time. 

#2: Automate Your Customer Support Experience

Did you know that 80% of marketers use software like live help chat to generate more leads? Not only does the use of the software allow them to generate more leads, but it also helps to nurture leads, convert those leads into buyers, and capture information on the leads for future reference.

Other than lead generation, using live chat software also has the following benefits:

- Builds a delightful customer support experience with real-time responses to incoming queries.

- Reduces customer support expenses for the organizations as operators can take up multiple chats at the same time.

- Increases the chances of spotting customer pain points and helps organizations improve their services and products according to the needs of the customers.

- Boosts customer convenience and therefore increases the chances of returning visitors.

In short, the use of live chat can help organizations improve their customer service experience efficiently.

#3: Get People Talking about Your Business

It is essential for every brand to work on making itself visible in the market. However, organizations should avoid negative publicity for their brands. After all, the aim is to get customers connected with your brand, not drive them away. 

The more you concentrate on providing a delightful experience for your existing customers, the more you will see an increase in the current number of prospects. Happy customers become your brand ambassadors and tend to recommend you to their friends and family members. A study by Temkin Group shows that 77% of customers who’ve had a positive experience with a company will recommend it to their friends and colleagues.

In addition to these points, the strategies below will help your organization reap the numerous benefits of good customer service!

- Offering a better clarity on what you have to provide to your customers

- Collecting data through forms before and after a chat

- Providing free product samples

- Offering exciting coupons and sales options

- Offering special discounts to first-time visitors

Bottom Line

Reaching your target audience, converting them into customers and ultimately building loyalty towards your brand is a challenging process. With good CX strategies, you’ll not only notice new leads coming in for your business but also improved overall customer satisfaction rate and increased profits.

About the Author

Jared Cornell

Jared is a customer-support specialist, a marketing evangelist, and a book lover. He is currently associated with <a href="">ProProfs Chat</a>. Jared is passionate about customer support and loves to solve customers' queries. He is always keen to develop new strategies to help customers seeking live chat assistance for a delightful experience.

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