How to take advantage of your competitor’s acquisition

June 10, 2013 Jon Hearty

A few days ago, Saleforce took a huge bet – $2.5 billion to be exact – on ExactTarget, a company that focuses on email marketing but also plays in the marketing automation space with companies like Marketo and Eloqua. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and how it may affect ExactTarget users. Acquisitions are notorious for causing numerous issues, including customer exoduses and major product changes, so this could be an opportunity for other players in the email marketing and marketing automation spaces.

For email marketing companies vying for new business, now may be the perfect time to reach out to ExactTarget customers to check if they are interested in considering their options. For example, our Targeting feature can produce a list of all ExactTarget’s current users, and our customers can filter this list down in any number of ways.

With this list, the marketing and sales organizations of email marketing companies will be able to target their outreach efforts to produce effective results, and by using our Export to CSV feature, they can get additional information on these websites including company size, revenue and employees via our LinkedIn and Crunchbase integration.

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