How To See Where Your Lost Opportunities Went

March 20, 2014 Jon Hearty


Imagine having the power to know what happened to all of those deals that you never closed. Consider being able to see which of your competitors is beating you in the fight for customers and applying those learnings to product decisions.

Okay you can stop imagining now. Why? Because Datanyze can and does provide these very insights for our customers. How? Buckle your seatbelt and prepare to have your mind blown!

If you’re not currently utilizing our Salesforce integration, all you need is a list of prospects that stalled or didn’t end up buying; make sure the list is in CSV format and contains just one URL per row.

Now that you’re armed with your list, click on the Domains button in the header and click on the CSV import button (or just click here). Upload your list and apply a new tag called LostProspect.

Datanyze CSV Import Form

If you’d like all Datanyze users in your organization to be able to see this tag, click ‘Make this tag public,’ then click the ‘Import’ button and proceed to the results.

Click on the Technologies tab to get a list of all of the technologies that are being used by the domains in your list:

Datanyze Imported Technologies

Your data is also accessible in Targeting. Here is what a query might look like for a company that wanted to see which of their lost prospects started using Livefyre during the last month:

Datanyze Targeting Form

We are constantly adding tips and tricks like this one to our blog, so be sure to come back regularly for more! And if you’re interested in joining Datanyze, please request a demo.


Learn how to write a successful cold email campaign using your customized technology data in the webinar below.

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