How Salespeople Can Leverage Traffic Increases like that of Introbiz

July 22, 2014 Sam Laber

If you’ve read the recent headlines, chances are you’re familiar with the incredible and perplexing case of CYNK Technology, a seemingly non-existent company that saw its stock increase 25,000% in less than a week.

Chart Source: Business Insider

Now then, the purpose of this post is not to explain how this explosion came about or to speculate on where the company is headed – I’ll defer to the experts on this. Instead, I’d like to view this story from a sales perspective and connect it to a recent feature update to Datanyze Targeting, which we believe will be an extremely valuable lead generation tool.

At Datanyze, we pride ourselves on being able to help customers capitalize on technology buying signals. For example, if you’re an analytics vendor, we will alert you the day your prospect at drops their current analytics platform or begins trying a new one. With this new information, you can now reach out to your prospect in a timely manner and hopefully catch them in a buying cycle.

Getting back to CYNK… for those who don’t know, the company owns a social networking site called, a web property that experienced a tremendous spike in traffic after word got out about their controversial growth. To help our clients capitalize on events like this, Datanyze released a feature that surfaces all websites that have experienced a specified increase in Alexa rank. Recently, when we used this new feature to run a query for all websites that have increased in Alexa rank by 500,000, the first result didn’t really surprise us…

What’s the point?

A valid question. Some of you may already know this answer, or perhaps have a more complete answer than I’m about to give. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section, but for now, here are my thoughts:

Putting myself in the shoes of a SaaS salesperson, I find that a substantial increase in Alexa rank can be interpreted as a buying signal in a variety of ways — here are two examples:

If I sell Content Delivery Network (CDN) software, I know that more traffic equals more clicks, more page views, and more downloads. This creates a need for faster response and download time — a service that my company can provide.

If I sell Marketing Automation software, I know that more visitors means more subscribers and having more subscribers creates the need for a better lead management platform — again, a service my company can provide.

Traffic Trends

In addition to creating lists from the Alexa Increase filter, Datanyze also lets you drill down into each individual site to track the Alexa rank over a specific amount of time. Using this view, a salesperson may be able to identify the day and ultimately the cause for the Alexa increase, and use this as leverage in their outreach efforts.

Of course, a large increase in Alexa rank does not always mean a company is ready to buy — just look at Introbiz. Point is, this tool can help surface hundreds of high growth websites, and it is up to you to determine if these websites are a good fit for your service.

Happy hunting.

Featured Image Source: Business Insider

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