How I Use Datanyze In My Daily SDR Workflow

September 8, 2017 Audrey Weber

As a member of the sales team for an end-to-end sales and marketing solution, I eat my company’s dog food, so to speak, every single day.

Datanyze provides invaluable company, technographic, and contact data for a streamlined Account-Based Sales & Marketing strategy. A data-driven, account-based approach is the most efficient and cost-effective sales strategy today, resulting in up to a 300% increase in target market, 50% reduction in qualification time, 50% increase in SQLs, 200% quota attainment, and 75% increase in outbound revenue over older sales models. Our customers (and our own sales and marketing teams, of course) use our data to identify the best accounts to target, track buying signals, draft targeted messaging, reach out to the right people at those accounts at the right time, and qualify inbound leads.

As the SDR who responds to inbound interest, I receive leads from our marketing team, qualify the leads, reach out, and pass the good ones to our sales team. Thankfully, Datanyze makes my work so easy and efficient, I can quickly send dozens of targeted messages to both inbound and outbound prospects, booking numerous sales-qualified opportunities a day.

Read on for a look at how I use Datanyze every day and some tips and tricks for how to get the most out of our data.

1. Check Email For The Day’s Leads

Through a combination of our Alerts feature and Marketo integration, I have a fresh batch of hot leads waiting in my inbox every morning. This helps me prioritize leads using recent activity, so I am never guessing who is more likely to buy. This means a better conversion rate and shorter sales cycle.


2. Read The Enriched Salesforce Record

It takes less than a minute from when a lead, account, or contact record is created in Salesforce for Datanyze to append relevant data to the record (such as revenue, industry, number of employees, and technology usage information) so I don’t waste my precious prospecting time. If there is no data, I know it’s not a good lead.

We like to know if a company is using CRM and Marketing Automation technologies because of our integrations. This one is using Salesforce and Hubspot - nice! Now I know to mention our integrations as a value proposition when I reach out.

3.Open The Datanyze Browser Extension

It’s been less than two minutes and I already have the information I need to send a personalized message. But who should this lead talk to? As an inbound rep directing leads to a team of account executives, I need to know who owns this account and if Datanyze has ever made contact.

Thankfully, Datanyze Insider makes it easy to see all of the Salesforce records related to the company. And if I need more information before I reach out, Insider also gives me the account’s social media links.


I skim the company’s LinkedIn page to understand the structure of their sales team and glance at the lead’s profile to see if he has used Datanyze at a previous company, all of which is accessible from our browser extension.

4. Reach out

Datanyze also provides contact information, so after just a few clicks in Outreach (our preferred sales automation system), I leave a voice message on the lead’s direct line and send a targeted message.

And that’s it! It takes less than 4 minutes start-to-finish to qualify and touch a lead. That works out to 15 leads per hour, so most days I even have the time to outbound prospect in the afternoon. Datanyze puts all the data I need right in my Salesforce so I am informed and efficient.

Have any questions about the benefits of Datanyze enrichment? Email me directly at

Think that my workflow would be an improvement for your sales and business development representatives or your marketing team? Request a demo of our platform ( and I’ll set you up.

About the Author

Audrey Weber

Audrey is a Sales Development Representative and recent college grad, having worked with non-profits and lived in 5 different countries before joining Datanyze. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, her current goal is to do all "60 Hikes Within 60 Miles".

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