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December 18, 2013 Jon Hearty

Setting Up

For those of you that spend most of the day in, Datanyze can add a powerful layer of information to not only the leads we help surface, but also the accounts, opportunities and contacts that already exist in your account. Setting things up is quick and easy and you only have to do it once!

Datanyze Salesforce Setup 

Once you’re set up, we’ll go through your account and update all of your records with our data. This process usually takes just a few minutes depending on how many records you currently have, and once it’s done you will have access to our data almost anywhere within your account (for more information, read our instructions for customizing Datanyze on your account)

Most importantly, once you’ve connected Datanyze to your data you never have to worry about requesting updates or refreshing information — anytime data on our end changes, we automatically push the updated field to your account.

Adding Leads to Directly From Datanyze

Now that all your existing leads have been updated with our information, you can add new leads to anytime using our export button found throughout Datanyze. Here are three places you will find it:

1. Next to a domain name

Datanyze Domain with Salesforce

2. In the People tab

Datanyze People with Salesforce

3. Directly from our Chrome plugin

Datanyze Chrome Extension with Salesforce

Once you click the export button from Datanyze, you will be directed to the Create Lead page in your account. Notice how we have auto-populated not only the Datanyze Technologies and History fields, but also fields containing information from our 3rd party sources:

Datanyze Fields in Salesforce 

Searching Datanyze Information Within

Once our data has been incorporated into your account, you have full access to it in the same way you access all other information. Want to search through your leads to see who just stopped using your competitor? Need to filter your leads down to only those using Zendesk? You can easily access this information from the search bar:

Datanyze Salesforce Search 


Datanyze data is also fully accesible within the Reports tab in your account. Want to create a report of your leads that recently added CrazyEgg so you can make sure they are aware of your plugin? Doing this is no different than running a regular report and adding a filter for either Datanyze Technologies or Datanyze History:

Salesforce Report Based on Datanyze Fields 

Datanyze Alerts

Datanyze Alerts provide valuable, time-sensitive opportunities for sales and marketing teams. For those of you who practically live in, however, we have made Datanyze Alerts easy to access directly from your account. In your top menu you will see a ‘Datanyze Alerts’ link; clicking on this link will bring you to the Datanyze Alerts home page where you can view alerts that are relevant to your leads.

Datanyze Salesforce Alerts

So, for example, if one of your leads recently added your competitor you can find out immediately and take action to keep them onboard. Datanyze Alerts can be managed on a user-level within, allowing you to view not only alerts for the leads you own, but also alerts for all leads.


Learn more about how Datanyze can help you generate leads in our Lead Scoring webinar below.

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