6 Email Subject Line Ideas Every Sales Development Rep Should Try

October 28, 2014 Sam Laber

If you’re still using subject lines like “Meeting request”, “[Your Company] + [Prospect’s Company]” or “Searching for the right contact”, your cold emails aren’t getting the open rates they deserve.

Email subject lines are one of the hardest things to get right in the world of outbound sales, but luckily, there are a number of places you can go on the web that will give you some ideas for inspiration. In the below, we’ve listed a few of our favorites in order of preference.

1. Mutual Connections

In sales, slowly increasing your list of LinkedIn connections over time can be extremely helpful when seeking to get in touch with new prospects. In this case, briefly check LinkedIn to see if your prospect happens to be a 2nd degree connection. If so, take a minute to understand how you might be connected (through a previous role, education, event, group etc.), then reference this in your subject line.

2. Twitter

For prospects, nothing is more eye-catching than seeing something they just tweeted about right in their inbox. The key to using Twitter for subject lines is finding a tweet by your prospect that’s either relevant to your company’s offering, or something you can relate to as an individual.

3. Technologies

One thing successful sales development reps do to cut through a noisy inbox is reference a technology that their prospect is using in tandem with their own product. For example, if your product integrates seamlessly with WordPress, and you know that your prospect does a lot of blogging with this CMS, it may be worthwhile to reference this connection in the subject line. If you’re looking for this kind of insight check this out.

4. LinkedIn Profile

This is, perhaps, a no-brainer, but people tend to divulge some pretty great information about their role, current projects, and achievements on their LinkedIn profiles. If you’re having trouble viewing this information because you have a basic account, this post will help you to reveal anonymous profiles.

5. Google Search

On the surface, using Google to find inspiration for email subject lines may seem a bit strange, but hear us out. Doing a quick search for your prospect will reveal panels they have participated in, articles they have contributed to, awards they have received or even blogs they keep. If your prospect has made waves in their industry, Google will help bring you up to speed on the details.

6. Competition

Up until this point, all of the subject line advice we’ve given you aims to put your prospect at the center of the equation and not your offering. If you simply cannot find anything noteworthy about your prospect by checking the sources mentioned above, a good way of getting their attention is to reference 1 or 2 companies your company works with that your prospect would consider as a competitor.

Featured Image Source: Letters Email Mail Hand Leave Contact Glut Spam by geralt CC0 Pixabay

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