Email Marketing Best Practices for B2B Companies

June 11, 2018 Jessica Surlet

Emails are at the heart of marketing for B2B companies as they allow personalized one-on-one communication with customers. Email marketing has a longer life-span compared to social media posts, giving businesses more time and more opportunities to convert prospective customers and convince them to purchase. But did you know that 59% B2B companies do not use email marketing at all? These companies are missing out on the great opportunity to engage with prospective customers. 

Whether you need to implement an email marketing strategy or refine your existing one, here are some best practices B2B companies can use to help harness the power of emails for business growth. 

Send Emails from a Person Rather Than the Company

64% of subscribers open an email based on the "from" name while only 47% of subscribers open emails based on the subject line. Therefore, it is a good idea to send out emails from a person and not the company name. Not only does it  create more emotional appeal and a stronger relationship with recipients, subscribers are more likely to respond. 

See the example by DialogTech:

Image Source: Email from DialogTech 

Communicate with Subscribers Regularly

Regular email communication helps with effective brand building and improving website traffic. However, email marketers should make sure that it does not become too much for subscribers. Carry out A/B testing by sending out weekly or monthly emails to determine what works the best for your target audience. Also, allow your subscribers to set the email frequency through a preference center. 

Here’s an example of an email campaign carried out by Moo with a slight change in the copy of each email. These emails promoting their discount offer were sent at varying intervals to create brand awareness and make sure that their products stay at the top of the subscriber’s mind. 

Image Source: A/B Testing Emails from Moo

Send Relevant Content

Segment your email list to create relevant content that resonates with your target audience. You can employ artificial intelligence for behavioral research and send out emails according to the interaction of the subscriber. Cart abandonment email is a perfect example of such an email as it reminds the prospective customer to complete the purchase, thereby helping you garner higher click-through rates and conversions. You can even send out emails requesting feedback from your customers like this one from MailChimp: 

Image Source: Email from MailChimp

Don’t Forget the Landing Page

The landing page is an important part of an email marketing strategy. If your landing page is not in sync with the email, your email marketing won't be as effective. Make sure your landing page shares more information on the offer highlighted in the email. 

Here is a good example by Harvard Business Review that demonstrates perfect alignment of the email and landing page: 

Image Source: Email by Harvard Business Review 


Image Source: Landing Page by Harvard Business Review 

Final Thoughts

If you are a B2B organization looking to enhance your email marketing ROI and get better results, the tips discussed here can have a significant contribution to help you build a successful strategy. 

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