Datanyze Collects And Donates 300 Pounds Of Unwanted Swag During Dreamforce

October 11, 2016 Stephanie Lin

We’ve all been there. Leaving a conference or work event with tote bags full of free t-shirts, notebooks, and pens. Who doesn’t love free stuff, right? But then you realize you prefer anything in your closet over a logo-laden, crew neck freebie, and you end up throwing away most of the items you were given.

This year at one of the biggest tech conferences out there, Dreamforce, Datanyze partnered with Startups Give Back, a non-profit org, to launch our first ever Swag Drop campaign. The goal? To collect unwanted “swag” giveaways from attendees and donate them to local charities. The response we received was incredible!

With volunteers from companies like AdRoll, InsightSquared, and Cirrus Insights, we set up Swag Drop stations around Downtown San Francisco and at a number of Dreamforce parties to encourage attendees to donate their swag rather than trash it. As a result, we collected approximately 300 pounds of goods and raised an immeasurable amount of awareness for service and sustainability in the tech community!

As Datanyze Co-founder, Ben Sardella, puts it:

“We wanted to show that tech companies aren’t only about spending money, we’re also about giving back. This was an amazing opportunity for smaller companies who can’t make large cash donations to give back through service.”

We received t-shirts, backpacks, canteens, socks, clipboards, coloring books, and toys! We are donating these brand-new items to two local foundations: La Casa de las Madres and St. Anthony’s. La Casa empowers victims of domestic abuse by providing them tools and support to help transition their lives away from violence. St. Anthony’s provides essential support like preparing hot meals, fresh clothing, and medical services to San Franciscans living in poverty.

A big thank you to NewVoiceMedia, Eventbrite, and Lever for swag contributions, and a shout-out to our volunteers for making our first Swag Drop a success! We are looking forward to keeping the momentum going and plan to make an even greater impact next year. If you’re interested in volunteering or contributing to this initiative, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to me at

About the Author

Stephanie Lin

Stephanie is the Marketing Operations Specialist at Datanyze. When she's not calculating conversion rates and A/B testing, she spends time as an ambassador for the non-profit organization, Startups Give Back.

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