‘Datanyze Universe’ Option Added to Market Share

March 18, 2014 Jon Hearty


As our Datanyze Market Share has started growing and taking on a life of its own, we have begun thinking about how it can be expanded and improved upon. Today we are releasing our first, albeit minor, update to Market Share: Datanyze Universe.

Datanyze Universe option

A lot of people wanted to know what the Market Share looked like outside of just the top 1 million websites based on their Alexa rank, so we added the Datanyze Universe option, which allows you to see the market share for a technology category for all websites that Datanyze currently tracks. To give you a little context, here are screenshots of our market share data for the marketing automation space for both the top 1 million websites and all websites in the Datanyze Universe:

Datanyze Market Share Alexa 1M Marketing Automation

Datanyze Market Share Universe Marketing Automation

Do you have any suggestions for how we can improve or expand upon our current Market Share data? Email me at jon@datanyze.com!

Featured Image Source: Milky Way Starry Sky Night Sky Star Night Sky by FelixMittermeier CC0 Pixabay


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