Datanyze Secures “Tin Foil” Sponsorship At Dreamforce, Staff Poised For Exhibitor Hall Domination

August 14, 2015 Sam Laber

After months of negotiation, Datanyze is thrilled to announce that we have secured the lesser-known, but still coveted “Tin Foil” sponsorship at Dreamforce. Outlined in a footnote on page 22 of this year’s Sponsorship Prospectus (if you can’t find it, it’s because we took it). The Tin Foil sponsorship is a winning option for companies looking to make a huge Dreamforce impact without breaking the bank. We’re pretty confident the perks speak for themselves…

Perk 1: Completely customizable lemonade stand

Centrally located in a small, but roomy corner of Deloitte’s 50×50 booth, the Dreamforce lemonade stand is equipped with everything a sponsor needs to sell… lemonade.

While the stand does not come with wi-fi, lead scanners, or a designated space to showcase a product, the sponsor may choose to place their logo under the lemonade sign for maximum visibility in Moscone North.

Note: According to Dreamforce exhibitor code 16e, sponsors must accept that all lemonade sales generated from the stand be handed over to the Dreamforce staff.

Perk 2: Moonlight access to exhibitor hall

While Tin Foil sponsors may not set foot inside Moscone North (or any Dreamforce affiliated building) during normal event hours, booth staff are encouraged to access the entire exhibitor floor between the hours of 9pm to 6am PST. Sponsors may purchase additional access hours from the a la carte sponsorship menu at a discounted rate of $1,000/hour.

Perk 3: Five word company description on conference website

All sponsors have the option to (succinctly) describe their offering to thousands of Dreamforce attendees via the official conference website. Although the Tin Foil level only affords five words, the Dreamforce committee believes that simplicity and creativity go hand in hand. Less is more!

Perk 4: Access to alternative press list

While reporters from popular tech outlets like TechCrunch, VentureBeat and Re/code will all be flooding the halls of Moscone North, Tin Foil sponsors will be given exclusive access to a much more coveted set of contacts. Here’s a snapshot of top reporters from “the alternative list”.

Jack “Chest pass” Jones
The Charles Barkley Technology Blog

Earl “Pearly whites” Joyner
Staff Writer
UCLA Young Republicans Gazette

Chuck “Point ‘n’ peck” Davies
Baby Boomer’s Guide to SaaS

Perk 5: Free blog post in the Salesforce user guide

As many power users know, the 5,000 page Salesforce user guide offers a wealth of digestible information on how to use the platform. The Tin Foil sponsorship blog entry will be featured prominently on page 2,335, right before “25 ways to run the same opportunity report”. Blog post must include 23 back links to and include a 200×200 photo of SaaSy, the lovable Salesforce mascot pictured below.

Okay okay, we’ll come clean. We don’t actually have a lemonade stand, and our staff won’t be roaming the exhibitor hall at 3am, but we do think the “what you spend” vs “what you get” at Dreamforce is a little out of whack these days…

If you want to come hang out with some Datanyzers at Dreamforce, feel free to swing by booth N1116 in Moscone North (if you can find it) or, better yet, join us for a joint happy hour with InsightSquared at ThirstyBear Brewery. It’s free to register and drinks are on us!

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Sam is the director of marketing at Datanyze. He's a big John Hughes fan who occasionally fills the DZ office with the sweet sweet sounds of 90s rock giant, Creed.

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