Content Marketing In SaaS Business: 4 Strategies for Success

August 23, 2018 Jasmine Demeester

Content marketing is an integral part of any online businesses strategy. For a SaaS-based business, content marketing is a way to generate leads in a short time. However, it can take a large investment of time and money to create content that produces results.

Note the statistics below highlighting the significant role of content marketing in a SaaS business, then read on to discover different content marketing strategies that can work for your business:

42% of B2B marketers consider content marketing an effective technique to promote their product or service.

B2B marketers spend 39% of their budget on content marketing and use an average of 13 different content marketing tactics to promote their brand.

9 out of 10 B2B buyers think that content has an influence on their buying decision.

95% of B2B buyers believe that content is a trusted source to learn about a company and its products. 

Learn About Your Target Audience

In a SaaS-based model, there are different people in different roles who want to use your product. There is a team lead, there are IT people who provide the back-end support, and there are people who do the day-to-day tasks. All these people are your target audience and should be included in your content marketing strategy.

So if you are running a blog on a SaaS service, you should not focus only on topics about the value it offers to a business but also write articles regarding the use of the application as well as the technical side of running a SaaS product. In other words, you should consider everyone who is directly involved in using a business application.

Be Particular about What You Write and Who Writes It

Good content offers beyond what is obvious. There is no gain in writing on topics like “Things to Know about Cloud Technology” or “The History of Customer Chat Applications”. Your target readers are professionals, they won’t be interested in such basic topics. Apart from sounding superficial, these topics also add predictability to your content and won’t keep readers checking back for new posts.

Additionally, good content should offer value to readers and educate them about a useful feature of your SaaS product. The best way you can achieve this is by having a conversation with your IT and support team. They are the people who are dealing with the day-to-day technical issues of your clients, so they are a good source for fresh, interesting topics. Google Trends is also a good source for learning about hot topics within the SaaS industry.

Finally, diversify your content by offering guest post opportunities to talented writers outside your typical editorial team.

Add Variety to Your Content

Truly successful SaaS content marketers use a mix of content types to let the users understand the different facets of an application and its functionality. The ultimate goal of this type of marketing is to inform and educate the audience about a product so that they can make the best use out of it.

To fully engage your users, share content in a variety of forms, such as videos, infographics, articles, and pictures. With this approach, you will not only be sharing information with your leads but you will also be able to address your target buyers at every level of the purchase funnel.

Let’s check some of the examples of SaaS business who are using different types of content to attract leads:


Moz is a good example of a SaaS-based business that incorporates the different types of content to educate its audience regarding the use of its SEO tool. Among its different forms of content, the video tutorials are the posts that attract the majority of Moz’s target audience.

In this video tutorial, for example, Miss Tory from customer success team of Moz demonstrates the different ways a user can search local citations of a business.


Similarly, Shopify is extremely good at podcasting on various topics in the ecommerce industry. 

These two examples demonstrate how different forms of content spice up your marketing plan and offer valuable knowledge and insights to the users.

Turn To Influencers

Influencer marketing is an emerging avenue for businesses to tap into new content marketing opportunities. Today, content marketers work in tandem with influencers to promote a brand, leveraging the sway influencers have over their followers.

58% of brand strategists believe that within three years influencer marketing will be a part of the majority of marketing campaigns.

In today’s dynamic of online business, content marketing acts as a catalyst to speed up the buying journey of the leads. For a SaaS business, it works across the different channels to engage leads at the different stages in a purchase funnel. Hope the information mentioned in this article will guide you in creating a successful content marketing plan.

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