Comment Platforms Market Update February 2014

February 19, 2014 Jon Hearty

The online comments space might not have a lot of players, but it sure does have a lot of presence on the internet today. Despite a ton of controversy about their value (see Gawker founder Nick Denton’s opinion on comments or Popular Science’s announcement about shutting them down), you will find a comment section at the end of a news site or blog nine times out of ten.

Facebook made a big splash when they introduced comments a few years, and despite skepticism that people would want to attach their Facebook profile to their comments, the platform has proliferated and now holds a substantial lead over the competition. From the web’s biggest publications down to the mom-and-pop blogs, Facebook Comments hold a majority of the market share.

Here’s what the market share data looks like for website with an Alexa rank of at least 1 million:

Comments Market Share Alexa Top 1 million

Facebook Comments have over 50% of the market share for not only the top 1 million websites (above), but also the top 1,000 websites (below). We notice, however, a very interesting change in the market share when moving from the top 1 million down to the top 1,000: Disqus and Livefyre are the only platforms competing with the powerhouse that is Facebook; these two companies clearly have a product and business model better suited for large publishers and brands.

Comments Market Share Alexa Top 1 thousand

In addition to our free Market Share data, we also used our Targeting feature, available with our Startup and Enterprise plans, to see which commenting platforms added the most websites with an Alexa rank of 10,000 or better:

Commenting Platform Total websites added* (top 10k) Total websites added* (top 1k)
Facebook 81 12
Disqus 34 2
Livefyre 6 0
Intense Debate 1 0
CommentLuv 0 0
Vanilla Forums 0 0
SezWho 0 0

Total websites added in the last 30 days (with Alexa rank of 10,000 or better)

We see the same order – Facebook, Disqus, Livefyre – here as we do in the market share data for the top 1,000 websites. Disqus has picked up some big websites in the last month, but not nearly as many as Facebook, especially when looking at the websites with an Alexa rank of at least 1,000.

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