B2B Cold Calling Tips

July 16, 2018 Owen Richards

There are many outbound B2B sales tools available. As technology develops and these tools evolve, it is important not to overlook cold calling. 

Here our top tips for B2B cold calling success!

1. Speak to the Right People

This may seem obvious but you need to speak to the right people to ensure your cold calling campaign will work. 

Rather than taking a blanket approach of Googling each company you are trying to target, it makes sense to connect with the right contact at the right decision-making level for your product or service. If you can find their direct line, you have already overcome the first barrier towards a sale. 

Pro tip: Using Datanyze Insider (a free Chrome extension tool), you can easily research and qualify accounts, build highly targeted prospect lists, and uncover contact information for leads. 

2. Do Your Homework 

When making a sales call, it is important that you have an understanding of the prospect’s business so you can convey how your product will address their needs. You should also iron out responses to questions you think a prospect may have about your product. Doing this will not only put your prospect at ease but will ultimately help you to gain their trust.  

The more you find out about your prospect beforehand, the better understanding you will have of their needs. You will then be able to adapt the call and conversation to suit those needs. 

3. Impress Quickly 

Your initial sales call may not last long so you should be ready to make a good impression within those first 15 seconds. To do so, prepare a strong opening statement that will appeal to your prospect (by doing your homework! See tip 2). Then they will be more inclined to listen and engage with your sales pitch. 

4. Watch Your Tone of Voice

This is one of the hardest elements of a sales call to get right! It is important that you talk to each prospect with the correct tone of voice. Think about it - what busy decision maker is going to want to spend their time speaking to someone who isn’t sure about what they’re talking, or to someone that sounds off? No matter how unsure and self-conscious you are about making the call, make sure your voice sounds cool, calm, and collected without verging into arrogant. 

Keep in mind that your tone may need to change for some calls because we are all individuals and we all communicate in different ways. Learning to mirror people takes time and practice but it is an important skill to master because on a cold call you need to do this quickly!

5. Focus

You may make the call in a very busy environment with lots of distractions or in an empty room. Either way, you need to give every prospect your undivided attention. This means listening and focusing on what they say, responding to their queries and objections, and taking an interest in the conversation. 

Pause and take a breath between each call to reset yourself. Having the same conversation can be difficult but each call you make could be a new business win. And that is an exciting thought!

6. Just Keep Going! 

Rejection can be difficult to take. No matter how long you have been making cold calls, it will happen. Calls that result in sales are exciting but keep in mind that they may take months to close. Remember to keep going! Keeping your sales pipeline fresh is vital to your company’s success. 

If you would like to find out more about how Air Marketing Group can help you optimize your B2B  cold calling results then get in touch on 0345 241 3038 or visit our website to find out more.  

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