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December 17, 2012 Jon Hearty


Datanyze is growing rapidly in terms of the number of customers and websites that we track. As our customers, old and new, add their own websites to our database using our CSV import, the list of websites that we track continuously grows.

Our research has shown that high-ranked websites convert much better for our customers, and the average sale prices to these websites are much higher. For our customers who would like to focus only on high-ranked domains, we’d like to offer a solution to set up their own threshold for alerts, a great way for company executives to track only the most important changes in their industries.

In order to set this, go to the Alerts tab in your Settings and enter a number. For example, here is what it looks like if you want to be alerted for only the top 1,000 domains (by default the threshold is set to 1 million).

Alexa Threshold

Additionally, you can remove the threshold altogether by entering 0. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email!


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Jon Hearty is the VP of Strategic Accounts at Datanyze. When he's not whistling while he works, he's likely looking to go low on the links.

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